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  1. Thankx man, that worked
  2. Yea I have, but didn't understand what makes it going to the left ...

    Something with markerIndex??

    Please help ;-)

  3. Hi,

    I have a chart with a line series and a numeric (Y) and a timeaxis (X). Every second my program adds a record at the end of the store and then I re-set the time constrain dates. The whole...
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    I'm on windows. I installed the package and followed exactly the rules stated in the 2 links above ...

    If you know the commands, nothing special ;-))
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    Ok, sorry I found it by myself:

    I didn't use always: uses and requires

    Thankx anyway for the support!

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    Hi guys,

    thankx a lot! thats what i needed. But when i include the ext.js and app-all.js some other classes (around 20) are beeing loaded.

    Does sb. know why?

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    Hi guys,

    is there a working tutorial about the SDK?? All I can find is the README-File, the File explaining shortly the JSON-Config format and an outdated tutorial.

  8. ok ;-((
  9. Hi Guys/Girls,

    after building a great application with extJS. Taking the first steps using it, I'm experiencing a lot of focus problems, especially when using the keyboard.

    e.g. I have a...
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    I've got it; Thankx
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    Hi guys,

    I've looked everywhere but didn't find anything:
    When I start dragging in my tree but then let it snap back (no correct dropping) the tree looses its selection

    I loose the selection...
  12. Ok, I did it with a flag called
  13. Hi guys,

    my tree works great with one exception:
    When I want to move a node also a click event is done and it loads content to the content panel. I would like to be able to move a node without...
  14. Ok,
    i've got it by overriding the beforeColMenuShow method in the gridview
  15. Hi,

    I'd like to find a way to introduce some structure to the list of columns in the header menu of the panel grid. One menu level would be enough. I imagine it like that:

  16. Thankx, that did it!
  17. Hi guys,

    is there a possibillity to easily get on the left of the label of a formelement a button (to make the property sticky) and to configure the


    I guess I have to...
  18. Jea,

    it works now.

    Many Thankx!!!

    PS: It was a mixture of no having a store defined and other things as mentioned above!
  19. Yes, I know that.

    But I also know that a store is not needed to render correctly (at least in all other cases this simple GridPanel-Conf. was enough to render).

    I even tried it yesterday with a...
  20. Another hint: If I don't use the gridPanel, everything works perfectly!!!
  21. Sorry,

    I don't understand how you both answers can help me!?

    I gave my only north obj. a height and nothing changes ...
    I use {} instead of new Ext.Panel({}) and nothing changes ...

    I also...
  22. Hi guys,

    I totally don't understand why my code doesn't render correctly:

    new Ext.Viewport({
    layout: 'border',
    items: [
    region: 'north',
  23. Hi,

    I'm using extJs the first time and have a question to the accordian layout:

    How can I force that always one item is active. Meaning: You cannot collapse the most bottom one and have a empty...
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