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  1. Awesome, thanks!
  2. I worked through the Sencha 5 getting started guide to get myself re-acquainted with sencha.

    All of what I was reading and building made sense or was easy to figure out.

    From there I've been...
  3. Ahh thank you. I was getting the setter/getters that are created in the class system mixed up with the refs in the controllers. Thanks for pointing that out.
  4. I have a super simple controller:

    Ext.define('ScoreKeeper.controller.GameScores', {
    extend: '',
  5. Tried it this morning and it worked!!:

    Ext.define("", {
    extend: 'Ext.container.Container',
    xtype: 'rsvpList',
    requires: ['Ext.ux.GMapPanel'],
  6. Awesome, I'll give that a try.

    What newer version of the sdk has the 'mapready' listener? I checked the 4.2.1 documentation and didn't find one.
  7. Hey, Thanks for the reply. I'm building this website to handle the rsvps for my upcoming wedding (which is right around the corner) and I've been having problems getting all of the answers I need so...
  8. I'm trying to add markers to a gmappanel using data returned from a store of event locations.

    The gmappanel is in a container that is initially hidden from the user. Once the user fills out a...
  9. I figured it out. The methods that I was looking for don't exist in sencha, they're google's maps api methods.

  10. Ah gotcha.

    I haven't built the method in my controller that calls the getMap method yet. I was trying it out in the javascript console first. I've been using the following javascript commands just...
  11. Hey,

    In my application I have a set of buttons for locations and then a gmappanel. I would like to add the a marker to the map that corresponds to the button when clicked.

    I've looked through...
  12. I'm following the instructions for using the CMD slice command discussed here:

    Everything has worked fine up until I try to use the...
  13. Replies
    Hey, thanks for replying.

    Neither Bubble Panel nor any custom UI's I build for myself will compile correctly with compass.

    I've downloaded a whole new version of the SDK and command tools and...
  14. Replies
    I've been trying for a while to create a custom button ui for my application and have been unsuccessful. This morning, I went into the bubble-panel example that comes with the SDK which is used to...
  15. So for anyone who may run into this problem in the future, here's how I solved my problem.

    The setup:
    I have a directory full of image thumbnails of various dimension that I wanted to return to...
  16. Hi. I have a method in my controller that gets relative paths from a php file and then takes the resulting list and creates image components for them. When the method fires it adds all of the images...
  17. I'm trying to build a custom UI for a certain set of buttons in my application.

    I've read tutorials, looked through the sdk example files (particularly the bubble panel application of custom...
  18. So I'm getting farther but I'm still getting compass errors.

    So now my sass file look like this:

    @import 'compass';

    // Sencha variables
  19. I expected that might be so.

    So I copied all of the variables from the _button.scss file into my custom ui as is, leaving only the name of my ui:

    @include extjs-button-ui(
  20. I want to create a custom ui for a set of buttons in my application and I'm running into compass compile errors and I'm not sure how to fix them.

    I've given all of my buttons the ui config:

  21. Ah perfect! Thanks!
  22. Ah, cool thanks for that Scott.

    How would I override those images so they're not used?
  23. I'm working on a site that uses a number of panels and I would like to remove the gradient from all of them.

    In my sass file, I've set the sencha panel gradient variable to the following:

  24. Thanks Stoot98 and sword-it for your replies. That took care of the issue. I'm now getting a response back from my php and I can run with it from there.

    It does raise another question for me...
  25. Hi,

    I'm creating a website and I want to be able to read and write to and from a mysql database. I've built up my site and tested the store/model/gridpanel with inline data in the store to...
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