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  1. I had an idea the other day, why doesn't Sencha provide Architect as a parallel service inside a web browser - as it's created using Ext JS anyway, they could have all their code on an external...
  2. I noticed all these things too, was wondering why such a simple project is so large now!

    Any word from Sencha about this?

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    The only way to do it at the moment is as follows (there appears to be some bugs in Ext.Menu in Architect i.e. you can't define the menu as a main class and call it with Ext.getCmp) - I put the code...
  4. I wonder if this bug is related to something going wrong in Sencha Command 5 and the copying over of files correctly?

    After observing the behaviour and trying the stuff mentioned in the post...
  5. I had the same problem as you, on Mac latest system.

    I deleted everything, even from my ~/Library/Application Support/Sencha Folder. Removed all installed versions of Sencha command. And even...
  6. Word of note....I have hidden files turned on and I never see the .sencha file (the hidden file that error message refers to in the browser console when I try and preview the app after selecting the...
  7. This is the URL prefix in the project:


    My publish path:


    ...and it previews fine when hitting the preview...
  8. So I think I've definitely found a bug, on my system at least running Architect 3.1 on 10.9.3, 2.66GHZ Core i7.

    I think the bug is related to the copying of css / sass to the /Users/Macintosh...
  9. Not sure if this would be of any help (I'm on a Mac but might be a similar issue). I spent 2 hours last night trying to debug and work out why Sencha Command appeared to not be working, even though...
  10. Hi,

    I've been reading posts such as these ones, that explain how to slim your CSS and use custom icons from Icomoon but I'm trying to apply the same technique to Architect v3.1, without success.
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    These are the steps I took to get it all working:

    Installed Sencha Command 4
    Installed Ruby 1.8.7

    Followed this post (making sure I did these commands):

    gem install haml
    gem install...
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    That seemed to work....see attached pic:

    Any ideas what else I can try?


    EDIT: Weirdly, it now compiles! I wonder if cd-ing into that directory and doing a compass compile has now...
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    Thanks for that, it does appear to be the same as yours...


    What else can I try to get this working?

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    I too have Ruby 1.9.3-p448 installed but it still doesn't work (on Windows 7). I also ran these commands after once in Ruby to install compass:

    gem install haml
    gem install haml-edge
  16. Thanks for the hint. I tried a slight variation, with this code but it doesn't seem to work (this is using Sencha Touch v2.2 and I am using your CSS). Any idea why?

  17. I tried
    scrollable: 0 and it worked for me. Perhaps this is a workaround?

  18. I think there must be a bug somewhere....because this happened to me. I think it's happened at least twice when I've saved a project with a CSS file clearly there affecting my list then returning...
  19. Sorry my mistake....I actually set the CSS the same as you, and set the mode to 'background' on the image. There is no background-cls option.

    I dont have my code to hand here but will check when i...
  20. Try setting the background cls config on the image instead, or just normal cls config. One of those 2 should work...

  21. I don't think it can be related to Dropbox, as I have had the same thing happen to me and I'm just saving my project locally and am using MAMP on a Mac.

    One day, I just open up a previously saved...
  22. Hi,

    Ok I will try and upload something next time it happens....I also noticed another bug which was not present in 2.1...seems slightly random but I saved a project yesterday that definitely had a...
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    Never used git other than to download other things so I've no idea how what to do with this git submodule stuff so I can't test the component.

    Is there a simple live version available somewhere so...
  24. Hi,

    I was hoping these bugs had gone since the last version but they are still here, possibly even a bit worse.

    It's quite easy to reproduce the bug....have a medium sized project with numerous...
  25. You need to drag 3 containers under the carousel and it will create items which then have the HTML config

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