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    Never mind.
    In some way the sencha touch file within de SDK folder of the builded app still contained the 'apple-mobile-web-app-capable' after that and clearing my cache the problem was solved.
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    He everyone,

    So i've heard that my Geolocation problem isn't because of a coding error but it's just that iOS6 has a (pretty huge) bug that it doesn't work in a web app....
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    At this point when I try it I get both title's listed underneath each other like this:
    Hello you

    What I actually want is to let...
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    He Guys,

    I have a pretty simple question I guess but I have no idea if this is even possible. Haven't found a good solution yet so I hope so!

    I'm filling a store through an XML feed. What I...
  5. Damn you are absolutely right. That was the solution. I'm going to remind that for the future!
    Thanks! :)
  6. He Guys,

    Having a weird issue here. I'm trying to build my app (production) for the use of a web app. I have added Google Markers on a map and everything works fine. In development mode. If I try...
  7. To make things some easier, here the of my Store, Model and XML file.


    Ext.define('', {
    extend: '',

    config: {
    model: 'Haarlem.model.Panden',
  8. Yes, those 2 markers are visible and working properly. The only problem is that I want to show the 5 markers inside my store. When I set the useCurrentLocation to true the markers are visible. If I...
  9. He Guys.

    I've got a strange problem. I have the following code. Basically it retrieves longitude and latitude information from a store, puts it in an array and then you place the markers on the...
  10. Same problem here.

    With Sencha Tools 2.0.0 Beta1 I got nothing. Not even an error or something. So I tried upgrading but now I also get '[WARN] The current working directory (...) is not a...
  11. This line of code indeed works fine. My only problem is that it always goes to the first card of my tabPanel Main (goToMain). What i actually want is that I can also show the second, third and fourth...
  12. He Guys,

    I've got a problem of which i don't know if is possible or fixable.
    I've got 2 viewports. Menu and Main. My Main panel contains 4 cards. My menu contains 4 buttons.
    So what I want to do...
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