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    Thank you. Like I said, I already installed the newest version from your homepage, and it still says 1.0.0 Beta2 in the file information. I suppose you just did not update the metadata.

    I had...
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    Also I note on your website it says Sencha Animator version 1.5. As mine says its 1.0.0 Beta2 I donwloaded 1.5.0 from your homepage, but the program file info of the new one still says its 1.0.0...
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    I also removed anim-1.5.0-00219.ion libion-1.3.9.dylib without success.

    I have urgent work to do and the program won't start. Help anyone??
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    I used SA last week. Today I tried starting it but I only see a big white empty window and the spinning ball. Nothing happens. I deleted two preference files
    com.sencha.Sencha Animator.plist...
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    I have the actual version 1.5 build 219 of Sencha Animator and still have that same problem. I mean that bug has been reported 4 months ago. Does Sencha not fix bugs?

    I have used your refresh...
  6. Got it! The problem was "Project - Dimension", I did not know about that, I always only saw and did set the "Scene - General - Dimension". After I set the correct size in "Project - Dimension", the...
  7. Hi, thanks for the information. I see, I only did set the scene background, not the project background. It is now a black rectangle, not a white one anymore, thats a bit better. But still, its not...
  8. Its kind of difficult searching for this problem in the forum, not knowing how properly naming this:

    When it loads my page with the animation on a dark html page background, the iframe shows a...
  9. As an input to others, here is Miro's solution:
  10. Hi Miro
    I tried this, but it does not make any difference. It still loads everything for all scenes before the first scene starts playing. The result is a long delay of a blank nothingness until...
  11. I specifically made a first scene with a low KB image ( 25KB ) for a quick appearance. Nevertheless, it is still not showing quicker than before. The following scenes contain 2 gif animations with a...
  12. My "solution" was using a Gif animation. I took 6fps from the video into photoshop. The result was too much stuttering so I made it a higher speed at 10fps and exported a Gif with 18% loss.

  13. Could someone at Sencha please assist me to find out what the problem is in Safari (Mac Desktop)? I accept if the video does not play, but at least it should show the placeholder image and go to the...
  14. Thank you for the input. Looking at the charts provided by, my video is in fact already supported by all important actual browsers. But it shows CSS3 object-fit/object-position is not....
  15. It seems we have to live with some plattforms not displaying video. But at least it MUST show the placeholder poster images. Why does that not work in Mac Safari? I tried up to version 6.0.1

  16. I just made a little testfile. 6x12 images (half the framerate I now have in the video) will need a 35000 Pixel wide image (Photoshop can not even save that as JPG). Okay, maybe make it two files,...
  17. I had indeed thought about that, but hoped to avoid that workload and the much larger total filesize that comes with it.
  18. See my test setting here

    Works fine in FF, not on Safari on Mac
  19. Okay, thanks. So this explains why the video is not playing: iOS simply does not allow auto playback or JS initiated playback, only user initiated playback.

    Now the really sad part is, that Sencha...
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    I have only done one job so far with Sencha Animator. I believe there is not an import function for sequences like you ask for. And each element needs its own layer/track. I have not done frame to...
  21. I only found some input here freom last year, regarding video and iPad, so I want to ask, whats the status on this? I read that video should run on actual iPad and iPhone, but mine does not.

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