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  1. Setter default value is useful if you submit the form without having edited the field, but if user selects a value and then deletes it, the value is not default value.

    Moreover, I want to send...
  2. submitEmptyText is used to send emptyText value, in this case "Select a state...".

    I have submitEmptyText to true and empty combobox (without emptyText attribute assigned) value is not send as...
  3. Submitting a form using the SUBMIT method of a form not sent null parameters. If not I select a combobox value, this field does not send by SUBMIT method.

    Attached is an example that you can...
  4. I've created a modified version of RowEditor that solves the problems with column resize and row editor.

    To do this, I modified the verifyLayout method RowEditor.js changing this line:
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