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  1. Pre 4.2 was able to dynamically load treenodes by manipulating proxy extraParams in the beforeitemexpand event on a treepanel.

    Upgraded to 4.2 this isn't possible anymore, as the event sequening...
  2. Been trying to build an native iOS App that uses push notification, I have successfully done this on my personal iMac and need to find a way to accomplish this on a windows environment as our company...
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    Just wants to ask has anyone successfully use sencha cmd > version and sencha touch 2.1 > version on windows environment to build and deploy push notification for iOS.

    Using the device...
  4. I also had issues, but have it working on windows environment, another thing you could try is give you p12 certificate a password.



    * @cfg {String}...
  5. Can you copy the error in here?
  6. Have to be a p12 certificate not cer at least if it on windows. On mac can use certicicateAlias with an alias in your key ring.

    The native packing documentation explains how to convert cer to dem...
  7. Looking at you package.json your missing a p12 file in the doc under native packing it explains how this can be done. If your building on a mac you need to supply the certificateAlias instead.
  8. The application was build using Sencha Architect, but since upgrading to Sencha CMD can build using Architect anymore.

    Both enviroments Mac and Windows uses Sencha CMD, ST...
  9. ST 2.1
  10. Found a link[2.1] push notification. where previous user found a bug with codesign on windows environment, I have an app that works fine when build...
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