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  1. You may also find this drawing useful to follow the reasoning in the 'recalculate' updater. Although this is not required if you just want to know how to use composite sprites.

  2. There you go. This will be a Charts KS example when Ext 5.0.2 is released.
    This will render the following sprite given just two points:

    Ext.define('KitchenSink.view.draw.Protractor', {...
  3. We have a KitchenSink example with more than a thousand points and it works just fine:

  4. charlie17,

    This has been fixed. The fix will make it into 5.0.2.
    Meanwhile you can update the Ext.chart.LegendBase with the following method:

    clearViewEl: function () {
  5. Should be soon, it's pretty much ready.
  6. Hi Josh,

    ExtJS 5.0.1 will come with a much improved theming support, where you can change not just the colors of the series but almost any property of an axis, series or chart itself. And some...
  7. Here is the modified Sencha Charts KS Basic Line example.

    * A basic line chart displays information as a series of data points connected through
    * straight lines. It is similar to...
  8. Hello,

    I just tried modifying the Basic Line KS example to have a second store and line series that uses it:


    Do you see any errors?
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    There is the addInheritableStatics method, but it doesn't work for me also.
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    Unfortunately, none of the above works.
  11. Sencha Touch version: nightly build from March 19, 2013, also retail 2.1.1

    To reproduce:

    var panel = Ext.create('Ext.form.Panel', {
    fullscreen: true,
    items: [
  12. In this case the applier is the standard method of the

    applyGrouper: function(grouper) {
    if (typeof grouper == 'string') {
    grouper = {
  13. Sencha Touch 2.1 today's nightly (touch-2.1-20130310), but also present in the 2.1.1.Tested in Chrome 25.0.1364.160 m

    This is a MAJOR issue where updater isn't called, even though it is defined...
  14. Is the updateProperty() method being invoked each time we set a property via setProperty() or there is some extra logic to it?

    I'm trying to use setGrouper() on a store, but only applyGrouper is...
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    Available to support subscribers only?
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    Thanks. Any ETA for Sencha Touch 2.1.1? This is kind of a major bug for any non-trivial real-life project. We are eager to switch to Sencha Touch 2.1 for performance improvements alone, but can't do...
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    I have the very same issue.

    When using setItemTpl on a list from controller, the list shows empty items. Calling list.refresh() makes no effect.
    But when assigning itemTpl in the view, the...
  18. Right, but that's the question.

    Usually, I use associations when a tree like JSON has to be represented as a complex model with many hasOne/hasMany associations, but in this case I'm confused.
  19. Is it possible to load, say, a list of Dishes into a DishStore and then load a list of Preferences into a PreferenceStore, where:

    Preference {
    status: 'like' | 'dislike' | 'neutral',
  20. Never mind, I found that there was a bug in v2.0.0 with catching beforesubmit event that was fixed in v.2.0.1 and also that the way of adding event listeners inside listeners config object has been...
  21. Any idea why? I had it working before, but then for some reason it stopped launching.
    I do cross-domain requests using JSONP, so that shouldn't be a problem.
    What's confusing is that there are no...
  22. When hitting the Go button on Android's virtual keyboard the app just reloads.

    Obviously, we'd like to get rid of this behavior. But, perhaps, a better question to ask is "how would you make it...
  23. The app just keeps loading forever.
    There are no errors or warnings, yet the app just won't start inside iOS simulator.
    It works fine in desktop Safari and Chrome, and wrapped using PhoneGap (both...
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    I have the same issue: the app just keeps loading forever.
    There are no errors or warnings, yet the app just won't start in iOS simulator.
    It works fine in desktop Safari and Chrome and wrapped...
  25. Any update on this issue?

    I have tried adding the url property, but that didn't help.
    Other "solutions" like

    listeners: {
    beforesubmit: function () {
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