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  1. I'm using an accordion list (Ux) grabbing an external json to populate the store. The project works fine if I introduce the following code manually:

    xtype: 'accordionlist',
  2. I have also the same problem. Everything seems to work correctly, so I don't know where is this issue coming from. I've tried changing directories, paths, giving permissions (chmod o+w "folder"),...
  3. Sorry, Steve. Don't assume that I know how to do it with Ext JS.
    Could it be something like ...?

    initialize: function() {

    var mymasterView = {
  4. Thank you very much, Steve.

    I've already requested and received an extension of my trial period.
    I certainly tried to do what you suggest: enter the property, click "add", etc. The...
  5. Thank you, Steve. I'm coming back after being out for a while. Your last piece of advice might be good for Ext JS, but my project is for ST and there's no "Process Config" feature available. So far...
  6. Thank you, Steve. I'd like to use Architect anyway. It seems to me that I could type the code and I'm on it, but find some trouble when inserting custom properties. e.g.

    * @cfg...
  7. Thank you very much, Steve. I'm a newbie with Sencha, totally foreign to Architect.
    The example you refer to adds a JSONP to a store and creates an alias to include the proxy. But I don't grasp how...
  8. I'm trying to build a project based on an example provided by Adrian Kosmaczewski's Sencha Touch 2 Up and Running (, which...
  9. Absolutely agree. It's cumbersome having to look for the right code months after the upgrade took place.
  10. You're right. That was tyladurdan's advice but I mixed things up. The code is now correct:

    Ext.define('App.controller.Main', {
    extend: '',

    config: {
  11. Thank you for your help.
    If I add a custom property called "anims", which is a string, following ST's syntax, in a single line:

    {next : {type: 'slide', direction: 'left'}, previous : {type:...
  12. I'd like to setup a custom anims object which is not in the Config panel of SA. It should be something like:
    config: {
    anims: {
    next : {
    type: 'slide',
    direction: 'left'...
  13. Good enough, Phil! It works with "Cafe" instead of "Bars" as you say in your post. Weird as it is, the term for the example should probably be changed to avoid trouble. I'm happy to see it in...
  14. Thank you for the tip. I've checked the Network panel with the following result:


    Request URL:...
  15. After following all the instructions and setting my Yelp key (yelpKey = 'XUIZWfXpVG41viH6ebRWsw'), the app only displays a blank page with the "City Bars" title. Nothing else.
    I've also downloaded...
  16. You're right. There're too many elements with embedded styles (mainly a <iframe>) so that it's impossible to change the width attribute. It affects all the rest. Better to live in light of truth than...
  17. Thank you, Mitchael. The fact is that I also tried it without config and it didn't work either. That was my last change and it was certainly a wrong try. If the problem is not in that, where is it?
  18. I'm trying to load posts from a blog into a panel, but the original styles are a mess. So I'd like to apply my own css. Is it possible?
    My code:
    showPost: function(list, index, element, record) {
  19. All the trouble seems to be related to that .senchasdk file at the root of the SDK folder.
    In order to make sure that the file is there:

    - use the downloaded folder of the SDK as it is -> don't...
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