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  1. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  2. Your server should return

    "success": true

    instead of

    "success": "true"
  3. You'll want to set up your viewModel that's used by the detail forms up above the detailforms so that when they do a lookup for their viewModel they reference a common viewModel that you intend for...
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    Thank you for the test case. I tested in IE11, FF, and Chrome on Windows 8.1 and observed the issue in 5.0.1. I also tested with 5.0.2 Nightly and the issue has been fixed for the upcoming...
  5. Hi,

    What framework / version are you working with?
    Also, what device make / model and OS version are you testing with?
  6. After defining the ui mixin do you run "sencha app build", "sencha ant sass", other?
  7. Thanks for the report! I have opened a request for improvement in our tracker.
  8. Hi,

    The smoothing option wasn't introduced until 4.x for the line series.
  9. I've not run across that before.
    I take it URLs can work in the addressbar depending on the setup?
    For example the following page works ok for you?...
  10. It may help to see your code demonstrated. Can you share a test case at showing how you're processing each use case?
  11. You'll want the refs selector to be the itemId like:
    selector: '#stockformItem'
    and the ref might be:
    ref: 'stockForm'

    then you can get the reference using this.getStockForm();
  12. You'll want to set the cookie after the login is shown successful and prior to the store being defined. You might set the url of the store in a constructor so that the store's url is not set until...
  13. This issue may be challenging to troubleshoot with you without seeing your code. Can you post a test case that represents your setup and the various comboboxes along with any steps to reproduce the...
  14. Hi,

    Yeah, the isFiltered() method doesn't check as comprehensively as it probably should - like it does in Ext5. I've entered a feature request internally to review this for 4.x as well...
  15. Hi,

    See if the below fiddle helps to get you going in the right direction:

  16. That JSON snippet probably isn't the most conducive to do what you're wanting, but it's doable. See the fiddle below. The trick is to use template member functions to process the whole dataset for...
  17. In a CSS file you can set:

    .x-tree-panel .x-grid-cell-inner {
    cursor: pointer;

  18. Ahh... sorry for the misdirection. The metaData option is only available for JSON via
  19. :) That'll do it, too.
  20. Different params aren't sent by default when only a single URL config is used. I'd recommend using the api config instead so that you can specify unique URLs - or a single URL with different params...
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    In sencha-charts the legend is a DataView and isn't a part of the chart body (canvas / svg) and isn't available in the preview.
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    The cell contents align to the right of the cell and the header text aligns to the right minus the width of the header menu is that what you're seeing?
  23. @Leshicus
    Thanks for the bug report!
    It looks like this is fixed for the next ExtJS release.
  24. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  25. Can you wrap your response in an object with additional metadata like:

    success: true,
    total: 1000,
    items: [{
    "OrderNumber": 642067,
    "ProductClass": "Journal",
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