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  1. Not at all you have misunderstood me, each one of those is a different response that should be loaded into the combobox when another even happens on the system.

    I have two comboxes, the first one...
  2. Hi I got the following server side json, which I want to read into a combobox.

    {"results": [{"first_name": "Linda"}, {"first_name": "Kent"}, {"first_name": "Betty"}, {"first_name": "Isa"}]}...
  3. Thanks for your solution Condor, you are right I assumed the SimpleStore had fields for those which now I understand where not. Here is my current solution in case someone was looking for something...
  4. Hello I'm trying to implement a custom SimpleStore using extend but the follow code fails with config is undefined (in firebug) at line 11103 in...
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    This doesn't works on my grid using ext2.2.

    I have the following method for the grid. The commented code is your solution, the second one I found in another thread.

    loadSimpleSearch :...
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