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  1. Sorry guys, but I have to agree with "ykoehler" here. Something isn't right here.

    To me, there are 3 different things a developer could want to do here:
    1. Remove an object from a container and...
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    If anyone is looking for an ExtJS 3.x version, Condor's code seemed to work with VERY minor tweaking. I haven't fully tested it, but it seems to work so far. Thanks again, Condor!!

  3. Sorry to resurrect such an old post, but this one is pretty similar to an issue I'm currently dealing with.

    Putting the "why" question aside here for a moment, how does one make "it [rendering]...
  4. Yeah, I tried that too... no go :-(

    Any other ideas?
  5. Yeah, I'm not too sure what to do... I don't think I have seen any examples/tutorials about dynamically generating FormPanels based on data returned by a store.

    I don't think I can call render()...
  6. Just wanted to add that my FormPanel is an item in a ViewPort so I'm assuming that explicitly calling render() and/or applyTo() are out of the question anyway.
  7. I've been searching and trying things for hours and I just don't seem to be getting anywhere. Hoping you guys can help :)

    I'm extending FormPanel and adding the form fields in initComponent in...
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    Thanks, I saw that, but I'm not looking to PRESERVE the aspect ratio of the original image I want to SET the aspect ratio of the resize handles (to say, force the resized image to be square for...
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    How can I set the aspect ratio in Ext.Resizable? I see an option called preserveRatio, but that appears to be boolean (as opposed to numeric/string). I was hoping to be able to specify 1 for square,...
  10. Thanks, Wes! I'll give that a try!
  11. Hello,

    Just getting started in ExtJS and love it so far! I need to add functionality in an ExtJS window not natively supported by ExtJS (specifically, image cropping). I have another Javascript...
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