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  1. solution is very easy ;-)

    panel.view.on('expandbody', function(a,b,c){
    var panelid =;

    so it isn't necessary to override or add a...
  2. nobody there can answer this :)
  3. Hi all :-)

    I was trying to manage by this thread

    ... but maybe I am not experienced enough ...

    I use the RowExpander-Plugin and am filtering the Store for clicked row when expanding.

  4. I have solved this by loading data when toggling ...
  5. Hi Community :-)

    I load a Grid with a hidden tab-panel (using rowexpander plugin).

    When expanding, they have no style like known tab panels.

    Trying several things like panel.doLayout() or...
  6. Replies

    :D ... defending you .... :D
  7. +1

    I can say: YES you where over 60 yesterday !!!

    Thats not fine - who has interests out there attacking someone is doing free support in a stable process ?

    really bad ... :(
  8. Hope you get help because you helped a lot of people yesterday ... - I have no Idea - sorry :( :-/

    I vote you up (knowing you love it B) )

    is written what undefined meens
  10. Is there a solution for this ? Or is this a bug ?
    I am interested in this - I could reproduce this !
  11. try scope: this ... so your undefined should go away .. maybe this helps B)
  12. maybe you should use the failure-method to go forward with loadSuccessHandler(cfg); :))
  13. BUG is now reported - hope next version can manage this :-)
  14. OK - I tried this by the best way - so thats it.
  15. Hello Support Team :-)

    please answer to my request.

    Also a short answer is ok - but please do it.


    (or tell me the rules to get an answer please)
  16. (there are three book doesn't help: PACKT Leaning Ext JS4 - Creating Mob. Sencha Touch 2 and O'REILLY ExtJS Kurz & Gut)
  17. Hello Support-Team :-)

    [post content deleted by author]

    there is a ExtJS-Bug in handling deep callbacks

  18. Is there anyone can help me?
  19. I have not IE so I cannot test. This sounds like a Browser-Problem is specific to your code (What are the System-Limits of your Machine? - Code is executed local - so this Power is effecting here -...
  20. [deleted by author because of no rules to get help]
  21. Update:

    If we didn't use Ajax ... because of remote urls so we need to use JSONP we don't have to use the regex.

    A simple response[0] works (as expected also using Ajax but didn't).

    Is this...
  22. Hi :-)

    thanks for your hole feedback.

    Here I will give back my first results:

    // transform response to string and regex away [ ] finaly trim whitespaces ...
    var data =...
  23. is an Ajax-Request not limited to the same Domain?

    I tried this before and reproduced this: not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin.

    Also I've done this via Ext.Ajax shown in...
  24. This is the response of the Server for the given request
    But this isn't the question this is the Client side challange :-)

    "errorCode": 0,
    "state": "ok",
  25. I don't know what you mean by "string" but I mad a screenshot of Safari-Console after:



    The other facts about root property and expected Data-Struct I know ......
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