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    Hey Mankz,

    I have tried to have a simple test acknowledge the presence of my Ext and Ext.Window.
    I believe Siesta is failing when trying to create the Siesta viewport. In the Siesta code I see...
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    am having an issue with the grid.gridView.focusRow() method.

    i have a render listener on my grid where i successfully select a row.
    i needed the selected row to be in the viewable portion of the...
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    i've been searching the docs & forums but have yet to find answer to the following:

    the store load method loads the Record cache from the configured Proxy using the configured Reader. ok, got...
  4. Jack & all that are contributing to this library, this is some kickass stuff.

    With IE6, I found an issue (yui-ext.0.33) when adding a ContentPanel which contains a Select HtmlElement. IE is...
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