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  1. I've found some examples but nothing Architect specific and I haven't gotten anything working so I'm hoping someone could point me in the right direction.

    I've added the plugin and understand more...
  2. I'm I doing something wrong or is this still not fixed in 4.2?
  3. Replies
    I can't get my REST store to read my JSON stream, what am I doing wrong?


    Ext.define('', { extend: '',

    requires: [
  4. Can you please explain how I step through JS code in runtime?Also what you mean by expanding the root node.I'm pretty new to Sencha =)
  5. No, it dosen't even try to make an ajax call, but if I do a .load() it loads up and renders as expected so it's something with the triggering mechanism.
  6. // @require @packageOverridesExt.Loader.setConfig({
    enabled: true

    models: [
  7. Hi,

    I'm trying out Architect 3 but I can't get my TreeStore to auto load a JSON endpoint.
    I have set autoLoad: true on the store and also tried todo it on the models hasMany object, but still it...
  8. One hour later and I find this.... frustrating..
  9. Is there anything in ExtJS similar to Sencha Touch List Plugin (Ext.plugin.ListPagingView)?

    I know about infinite scroll, but that requires totalCount which is not required in Sencha and not...
  10. Thanks guys, your recommendations worked!Now, I'm just trying to figure out how to use the Operations object to configure stuff like limit...
  11. Thank you, I'll try that. In Sencha Touch I always have the proxy in the store, but maybe it's different in ExtJS?

    Anyhow, what's the correct way of building url's?

    Page, limit etc. are...
  12. I'm trying to load a simple json struck into a store, but are having problems.....

    Apparently I can't use normal url's with query strings?
    I wan't to use this:...
  13. Here is the root cause for my problem I think.
  14. I'm having problems with orientation changes, the viewport don't resize properly.

    It keeps the original size, so either it's too wide or too tall on iOS 7.0.3.

    I brought up the Safari Inspector...
  15. After I upgraded to ST 2.3.1 my carousel is not working as expected on orientation changes.

    It does not resize at all, this worked in 2.2.
    The orientationchange event is firing and working on...
  16. I just sat with this exact same problem for a few hours.

    It turned out that NginX by default denies access to "." addresses.
    Remove that rule, restart NginX and there you go, problem solved! :)
  17. Thanks, works a treat! =)
  18. What's the correct way of added own CSS classes to a project so they are compiled into my builds?
  19. Awesome stuff man, this worked a treat!
    Thank you for all the help!
  20. If you could, please provide a short example so I get it right, I've been struggling with this for days now.
  21. Here is the actual code for the store.

    I the did:
    store: Ext.getStore('ScoreBoard').getLane(i),

    But I never got the View to refresh on .load().
  22. Sorry, I meant LiveScoringAdvanced as it's called in the code above.
  23. I have a simple Ext.view.View to which I have the entire store bound through store: 'ScoarBoard', I then use a XTemplate to render the data.

    I would like todo the same but with a subset of the...
  24. This sounds promising!

    Could you please show me a short example?
    I would like to use the data from each array/store in the LiveScoring.model.LaneData model.

    If possible it would be perfect if...
  25. I have a Store which contains a set of arrays, is it possible to somehow extract each array and connect it to a Ext.view.View/XTemplate and maintain the automatic refresh on store .load() event, just...
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