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  1. Hi Westy, thanks for taking the trouble to dig into this issue - its a deep well!

    Reload is a little ambiguous because a BufferedStore might have a completely arbitrary, sparse collection of pages...
  2. Yes, good point about where in the event process we get in with the navigation.

    Should probably be after the cell events get fired as you suggest.

    Try this as an override:

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    I think it's a documentation failure on our part.

    It's not clear about the best property in metaData to use to affect any cell styling.

    In fact you should use the tdStyle property of metaData...
  4. I assume you have solved this now?
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    Thee is no need in Ext 3.

    Layouts are not automatically updated upon every content and size change in 3. In 3 it is up to the developer to call doLayout on the outmost Container affected by the...
  6. I think community members might be put off from responding to such a post.

    Where to start?

    A config is a property in a configuration object which is passed to the constructor.

    These are all...
  7. This is not a dupe.

    This is all connected with the newly accessible ExtJS 5, and using a grid (or any other type of thing) as a picker (which you should be able to do!)

    A grid (or the other...
  8. I think it's suspending all events instead of just the ones which should not escape...

    An override to this should work.

    updateRoot: function(newRoot, oldRoot) {
    var me = this,...
  9. This is the JavaScript basics. Walking, where using ExtJS is the equivalent of running.

    getResourceURL: function (resourceName){

    return (this.self.URL_DOMAIN + this.self[resourceName]);...
  10. The converter on that int field is returning null, so the root ends up with a null id. And a null id means that a node is phantom.

    Phantom nodes are supposed to be client-side only. It means they...
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    OK, sorry about this unannounced change. The stores property has been removed.

    NodeInterface (what records become when they are part of a TreePanel) behaves a little differently from regular...
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    Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
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    OK bob4ever, it turns out that it is correct that a combo dropdown, or date picker floats above sibling floaters when activated.

    That is what other UIs do. A dropdown is just a floater, and when...
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    Hm I see. It disappears.

    Well, I'm working on a proper solution for this ticket.

    Floating components should have an alwaysOnTop config and an alwaysAtBottom config which the ZIndexManager...
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    Should be the same for DateFields. The date picker will be glued to the form surface, and all windows will always be above it as required.
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    Yes, pickers (dropdowns from a field with triggers), should appear to the user as if they were inline, below all floating components.

    They are in fact floating components out of necessity because...
  17. As for just seeing the HTML, you are using a web server aren't you, not just directing your browser to your local drive?
  18. You really don't want to go down that route.

    Executing code scraped from innerHTML?

    It would be better too create an application, and the Panel subclasses that you require to be added as child...
  19. The code separation and simplification offered by MVVM coupled with data binding is a killer feature.

    You declaratively hook UI to data without having to write event handlers to modify the data in...
  20. I'd better not start dropping hostages to fortune like that... beyond my pay grade to set expectations on schedule. ;)

    I can tell you that we are aware of urgency in getting the polish right on...
  21. This has been quite a complex problem. The team think that those update events should fire on the TreeStore.

    It was a faulty upgrade that the new, unified Store/TreeStore API omitted the update...
  22. But the 'update' event still won't fire through the TreeStore.

    Because a node in a collapsed parent is not in a TreeStore
  23. I see what you mean. Node events used to fire through the TreeStore in 4.x

    The problem is that in 5.x, the TreeStore is also the View's driving Store. There's only one store involved now.

  24. You cannot collapse a group with a buffered store.

    By definition, a buffered store contains only a fragment of the dataset. It cannot know where the end of a group is.
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    The functionality you require is now implemented by setBox.

    setBox sees if what is passed is an Ext.util.Region, and does right things.

    The setRegion Element method interfered with binding to...
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