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  1. There are multiple bugs with CMD that are at play here that have completely killed my workflow and are impacting a release of an upgraded production app.
  2. Okay I was able to work around this issue by doing the following in app.json

    "output": {
    "base": "${}/${build.environment}/${}",
    "page": {
  3. Yes I am

    From sencha.cfg file


  4. I tried

    "classpath": "${app.dir}/.sencha/app/Boot.js,${app.dir}/app"


    "classpath": ".sencha/app/Boot.js,${app.dir}/app"

    in app.json, did a build but I still have the same issue. ...
  5. What's the ETA on this fix?
  6. We really need a workaround to this ASAP. We haven't been able to find a solution on our own yet.
  7. yep...sure did. Even built a fresh app with the new CMD and same thing.
  8. Nope...same problem.
  9. I actually found this issue just using cmd and hand coding the app. However as a debug I tried building an app in SA 3.1 and I get the same error.

    See this thread...
  10. cmd

    When trying to load the production app build by having the app.js file in the page header I get the following error. Cannot read property 'baseUrl' of undefined...
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    Why not just have it in your data set?

    Something like
  12. Okay yep you are right I found a "Type" config option for the store...I did not see that in the documentation?
  13. Please see the attachment. I have created a tree panel and added a store in the viewmodel but the store does not appear in the store drop-down of the view even with viewmodel binding enabled. This...
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    Works fine for me.
    I am running Firefox 30, Firebug 2.0 and Illuminations 1.1.28.
    Win 7 Ultimate
  15. Where are all the Ext properties like isIE8, isChrome, etc... I don't see them in the documentation.
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    I don't use sencha touch so this is new to me but both my IDE and my code inspector doesn't like it. I don't understand why we need to circumvent the standards. Anyway it's not a big deal I just...
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    Please remove the comments from app.json as they are not allowed in JSON standard.
  18. It's up to you to program the server code to send back any failure back to Ext and then you need to cod Ext to handle the response. In your example if you send 3 records to the server and only 1...
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    Mitchell...are you able to elaborate a bit on the next generation of Ext charts and how they are going to be different and improved? I was just about to make a purchase of another charting library...
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    Sounds good...Scheduler and Gannt are exceptional products I use a lot so I am sure Kanban will be great too.
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    Will it be a stand-alone product or a plug-in for scheduler or gannt? If it is a plug-in what is the minimum required sch/gnt version?
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    Why not write your own? Or modify one of those previously mentioned. That's what is great about Ext components...they are extensible and customize-able.
  23. Well...mine app is a cmd generated app and using ext-dev...the dependencies should be showing up in the console but they aren't.
  24. My fault...forgot to include the index.html. Attached a new test case.
  25. Can someone look at this makes development painful.
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