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    It seems that indeed was a bug the will be corrected in 5.0.2.

    Here it is:...
  2. There is an issue with hovering tree row expander arrow (overrides the 'cls' set programatically).

    This happens only if the row is expanded manually (so expanded: false) and with the cls set by...
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    Awesome man,

    This works even on ExtJS 5 !

    Thx ;)

    Later edit:

    It seems that on the ExtJS 5 while hovering the mouse over the arrow expander, the disabledCls vanishes, and I think that's...
  4. The green button was bluring my eyes ;)

    Thx !
  5. I don't know if this is a bug or not, but I would like that expandable option to be taken into account when doing expandAll() / collapseAll().

    Take a look on the fiddle bellow.

    - "Folder 2"...
  6. Hello there,

    I'd love a "new" fiddle button somewhere... looked for it, but couldn't find it.
    While inside a fiddle, create a new (empty) one....

    Maybe it's there but I'm missing it.

  7. Ext version tested:

    Ext 5.0.1 rev 1255

    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 37.0.2062.103 m
  8. Mark as answer ? I couldn't find that option yet, maybe I need a reply to thread first....
  9. I put this in here because it gave me some troubles, didn't understand why the tree nodes were rendered (almost) correctly using "checked" config option in the JSON, BUT I could NOT toggle them !
  10. I was pulling my hair out, but found the cause / resolution for my case (ExtJS 5)

    In my returning JSON I was sending "children" nodes as well, BUT...

    On my tree proxy I had defined...
  11. I'm also interested in this behaviour (but in ExtJS 5):

    - have all nodes on all levels loaded at once (with children / leaf options set correctly)
    - only root node to be expanded on init
  12. First I'd like to say that I haven't used Ext since version 3.4, so I'm kind of new to the changes since, but I try to catchup with the new 5 !

    I have created a simple sencha fiddle in order to...
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    If you check the fiddle posted by whb using ExtJS 5.0.1, the animation will not work on any theme used...
  14. Why dynamic class loading isn't advised to be used in a production environment ?

    Just because it will do requests over network for each of the needed file ?
    What if the production environment...
  15. I've found another issue which bothered me quite some time until I tracked it down...

    onLoad of the combo's store, originalValue is deleted / lost.

    This was causing blank / empty values in...
  16. Although this is an old UX, I want to confirm that it is still useful / working (using ext-

    The only thing I needed to tweak around (as I use it with a remote JsonStore) was that on...
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    Hello everybody,

    I have Architect 2.1 but it doesn't ask me for update to 2.2.
    Do I have to do something for this or I have to wait until you process all user accounts for the update ?
  18. I want to tell you that para's resolution works fine for thanks para, you're the man ;)

    I have the following code on a leaf node to which I dynamically add a child node (using a form) and...
  19. It seems that no one else is interested in the grid filters issues...
    So, now I'm starting to downgrade back to 3.x

  20. Another Grid Filters bug.... Dynamic list filters, after store is loaded, nothing shows up in the list filter menu (still Loading... message).

    List filters are usually (if not almost all the time)...
  21. In the meantime, just to make it work and go further, I did the following:

    - create grid with filters, showed window...
    - create grid filters:
  22. Any ideas ?

    I don't know yet where and what to put to have default filters applied from config....
    As I stated above, in 4.1-PR1 still the same issue...

  23. I've checked the exact same thing on 4.1-PR1 and the same behavior, even for config options for filters (with default values and activated from code).

    The default data loaded it is NOT filtered...

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0.7

    Browser versions tested against:

    FF8 (firebug 1.8.4 installed)
    Chrome 15.0.874.120 m
  25. Thanks jfa,

    I've used your solution as well, as nobody else could help me here.

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