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  1. i put an hand solution


    var model = Ext.define('', {
    fields: [ 'id', 'nome',
    name : 'created_on',
  2. probebly i need to built the inside table by hand with html.
  3. Hi,
    i like to make a standard grid with last column have inside a grid with other data in relationship to the row.
    I try grouped but i prefer have all data in the same grid.

    I put an example...
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    hi, thanks i download the other plugin now i have no error on my console.

    But i think that export not working with infinite scroll grid or infiinite grid with search.

    The button with excel icon...
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    Hi guy,
    i try to use export plugin, but i have this error on my FF console:

    ReferenceError: swfobject is not defined
  6. sorry i have a panel outside with padding and move the rows of the table!!!!!!!!!
  7. hi,
    i have a problem with a Ext.ux.LiveSearchGridPanel.

    here my code definition:

    Ext.define('PerarHome.view.PanelGridNotification', {
    extend: 'Ext.ux.LiveSearchGridPanel',
  8. thanks
  9. Hi,
    today i fall in an error with a Grid inside a Grid in render.

    here my definition:

    Ext.define('PerarHome.view.PanelGridProject' ,{
    extend: 'Ext.grid.GridPanel',
    title: 'My...
  10. Hi to All,
    i try to add a onclick function to button in a Ext.grid.feature.Grouping Datagrid.

    My result for now its add button in correct position in the grid with the Ext.XTemplate.

    here the...
  11. hi,
    i correct my code now run!!!
    Here the two store declare....

    var store = new{
    proxy: new{
    url: this.url
  12. mh...

    var store2 = new{
    proxy: new{
    url: this.url
    reader: new{
  13. ok,
    but how i must declare the new store? like simple or store?
  14. Hi to all,
    i need to create two store that take data from ONE XML file that i can read only one time.
    I create a Store first with this code:

    var store = new{
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    so can you try add this code at your store:

    var store = new{
    url: '<c:url value="/webkg/icpc.html?json=true&data=detail&code="/>'+r.get('key'),
    root: 'data',...
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    try this:

    callback: function(records, response, success){
    // if i have...
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    i have not a same example but i had one problem with a loading of xml file from HDD i solved it, see my thred

    possible you do not have access...
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    see my thred

    probably can give you an hand!

  19. hi,
    with this last solution all is fixed!
    i'm bad with this platform... i need learn! sorry... :((:((:((:((:((:((
  20. no,
    i try to put data taken by the store in item 'Transition':

    var Data =[
    {name: 'Name', mapping : 'metainfo\@name'},
  21. Good animal, i see renderer : function and i decide to apply it to a Ext.grid.ColumnModel and after aplly it to a Ext.grid.GridPanel.
    In my Ext.grid.ColumnModel i define the model of columns grid...
  22. hi,
    i change in this way:

    var Data =[
    {name: 'Name', mapping : 'metainfo\@name'},
    {name: 'Id', mapping : 'metainfo\@id'},
  23. Hi to all,
    i have a question about a problem, i need make ONLY ONE data Store structure that saved into it information taken by XML file, the structure of XML is:

    <?xml version="1.0"...
  24. hi, i remake the break point and now i can take data from XML!

    but i need to add another js into my html test page:

    <script language="javascript" src="js/ext-basex.js"></script>now its work!...
  25. hi,
    with the help of Condor i try add the code and i have in console:

    Object tId=0 status=0 statusText=communication failure undefined

    argument: undefined
    status: 0
    status text:...
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