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  1. Me too.

    In this case I am playing with minimal sencha generated apps. It's not dot notation vs hyphens for me.

    I had neglected to require 'Ext.plugin.Responsive'

    Smells to me like a...
  2. Try looking in the app.json file. The ever changing always in a new freaking place secret directive may live there this week.
  3. I have a considerable investment in sencha and would like to continue with it.
    Without a team, I rely on google, stack overflow, blogs etc.
    My future looks bleak indeed.

    Every year I ponied up...
  4. does "What's new" cover off the profile guides ?

    Did I find the link already, is your fix going to be just updating the link.

    Or is there a wealth more information "For a fuller understanding...

    "For a fuller understanding of the ideas behind Profiles and how best to use them in your app, we suggest you read the device...
  6. Add name:'hank' to base application gets rid of the warning. The code that does that smells like a kludge. Then of course all holy hell breaks loose. Because it is not the app. I will use a mixin. ...
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    You are sharing a button. I am trying to share ancestor and descendant controllers and applications. Is that wrong?
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    +1 for the bloat syndrome. Did nobody see this coming?
  9. I was told by support to ignore them. That cost me 10 X-credits.
  10. Aha.
    ctrlr.Regexp is /^(.*)\.controller\./ Never going to match "app" Ok. But the implications are beyond me. Does it mean I have failed or is it a sencha bug, or am I simply attempting the...
  11. Okay. The release of 5.1 cleared that up magically.

    But I'm still trying to understand. Here's a warning:

    "Missing namespace for, please define it in namespaces...
  12. I have used tags in the past for special builds, pieces of multi page apps etc.
    An example below.

    Tag my "work in progress" as wip:

    //@tag wip
  13. You spotted the real error thank you.

    I fell for the old BUILD FAILED message, which has nothing to do with anything.

    In other worlds we learn quickly to solve compiler messages one at a...
  14. Yes you do.
    You'll have to ask your board to hire more people I guess.
    I hear they are expecting a lot of money next year ;)
  15. Yes. Sure did.

    "to link" covers a lot of ground.

    There is no source for Cmd, Obi Wan.

    See also
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    Thank you for a response Don.

    Would you mind pointing out the two techniques please? I am not spotting the difference.

    I find the dev code produces [W] [Ext.Loader] Synchronously loading...
  17. Anyone had success with this?

    I have a library of common code, I create a package, I copy my library to the src folder of the new package.

    All hell breaks loose, nothing loads.

    The common...
  18. +1
    [ERR] Sencha Cmd version ( is incompatible with required version (

    Don't want to bleed at this edge, but have invested too much to go back to 4, yet 5 has bugs I...
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    There are two workspaces in the packages demo, but they no not share anything with each other?

    Have I overlooked something?

    The project shows how to share code within a workspaces.

    I do not...
  20. The Cmd docs used to walk through just such a scenario. It's probably still there...

    You want to review the "multiple pages" concept and the use of tags in the Cmd docs.

    Should be able to...
  21. If you deprecate something, please do not leave us out in the blue.

    No idea why this particular method or property is deprecated or what to use instead.

    Suggest linking to the appropriate...
  22. book15:brun steward$ cd ../../video/
    book15:video steward$ sencha app upgrade ../../../../../../sencha/ext-
    Sencha Cmd v5.0.3.324
    [INF] Loading configuration for framework directory:...
  23. Save your data as data1.json.
    Ok, I never would have dreamt that.
    Where do you find this information on conventions ?!!!

    Remember your fiddle is Ext JS
    The question is for...
  24. Thank you.

    Durned if I can figure out fiddle.
    I can't add to yours, I can't run my own. I will have to spend time there guessing and experimenting.
    I don't suppose there are docs?

    But I...
  25. I had one of those country lists in sorted order but USA,UK at the top.

    Source data is json object. I generated it then moved some countries up top. All hard-coded in my custom ordering.

    When I...
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