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  1. I have a grid with row editing. With one of the column editors I would like to specify a validator function, which is defined in the viewcontroller.

    Is that possible?

    validator: 'dateValidator'...
  2. Still no progress?

    Best regards
  3. Hi

    Another month's time has passed. No progress with sencha market?

  4. **A filterbar plugin for grid panels.**

    See for a live demo.

    **How to get it**

    To get the source code to include in your ExtJS 4.2 projects you...
  5. I submitted a component on Sencha Market several few weeks ago. Just no reply from Sencha...
  6. Any progress?

    Thanks a lot.
  7. Replies
    I add a new template based on the current project. This seems to work.
    When I then create a new project using that template and want to save the new project, I get the error that build.xml is not...
  8. The extension still isn't public. If there is something missing, I readily adjust it. Just tell me.

    Thanks a lot.
    Regards Roman
  9. OK, thanks a lot.

    Regards Roman
  10. I know there's no official API method to do that, but there is sure to be a workaround by which I can access a corresponding object directly, isn't it?

    I once managed it to access the operation...
  11. Here's the link:

  12. I want to submit additional parameters during a direct update operation to the server. If I got access to the update operation, I could set the params property of the operation object.

    So far, I...
  13. I submitted a filterbar plugin for ExtJS 4.2 grids, but it does not appear under the public list. Is there a problem with activating it?

    Thanks a lot
  14. Thanks for your reply.

    I've found the Problem. I developed an extension putting it under src/ux/grid/filterbar. In this folder a docs folder was created by means of JSDuck. It contained an extjs...
  15. When I try to build a newly created project, I get the following error message:

    [INF] -compile-sass:
    [INF] writing sass content to...
  16. I copied your query statement but it does not work for me. I use Ext
  17. It does not work.

    var menu = Ext.widget('menu', {
    items: [
    {xtype: 'menucheckitem', group: 'myGroup', text: 'Less than', operator: '<'},
    {xtype: 'menucheckitem', group: 'myGroup', text:...
  18. I have to fetch a menu item with custom attribute 'operator' unfortunately set to '='.
    Attempts with &eq; '=' or \= did not work:

    Is there a way to mask...
  19. I've been using the ExtJS framework since version 2.2.1 and the richness of functionality is really amazing, in particular of the grid panel. Since then with every major release, I've had to look for...
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    When I load a form trough the api config, the form fields are only filled with the values coming from the server, when I set the form's paramsAsHash to true. But according to the API this should only...
  21. My solution is as follows: I capture the event view->bodyscroll and set the left style of the x-box-target dom el accordingly.
  22. The grid has a docked item of dock: 'top' and weight: 200. So the docked panel (filter bar) is between the grid's columns header container and the grid's body (grid's rows).

    Hence, the items in...
  23. When a grid view is scrolled horizontally, the column headers get aligned accordingly. I have a docked panel below the grid's column headers. How can I achieve that the items of my docked panel get...
  24. Great!
  25. I would like to create a filter bar for the grid panel. For that I want to render a container between the header container and the grid panel body. I didn't find the place where to extend the...
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