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  1. Yeah, my fault. The fix works well.

    There is something seriously up with trees and buffered rendering though, from what I am seeing.

    My override:

  2. Oh, my override has callParent in it, which calls the original version... whoops
  3. Oh, if step through this you see the following.

    Before callParent: me.bufferedRenderer = false.
    After me.bufferedRenderer is a bufferedRenderer instance (but the flag is still false).

    Do we...
  4. Hi,

    I'm seeing similar in one of my trees in Ext 5.0.1, where have data missing when scroll up, unless scroll down and up again.
    Have tried turning off the bufferedRenderer, but no dice.

  5. Oh, it's not sorted my issues... kudos though :)

    Edit: Some more on this.
    In the post above, I hacked the Ext code (so it worked).
    In this post I put in a bad override (see below), so it didn't.
  6. Just hit some serious weirdness on one of my trees, with nodes disappearing and all sorts.
    Turning off bufferedRenderer and applying your fix appears to have sorted it, so thanks for that.

    +1ed :D
  7. Hi.

    Right, this is still happening in Ext 5.0.1.
    It was hidden by the fact useNull changed to allowNull.

    I have updated the fiddle:

    My override (since...
  8. I see exactly what we see here:
  9. Hmm, queryMode local doesn't seem to sort the issue for me.
  10. Replies
    Thanks for the response. I look forward to a solution.
  11. Cheers Alex
  12. Replies
    Hi Don.

    I understand what is going on a little better now I think, but was definitely flapping around a bit at the time when I reported this.
    I was having issues getting our actions to work,...
  13. Thanks Alex, and sorry... was getting a bit frustrated with issues yesterday.

    On holiday for two weeks after today, so will leave you lot in peace for a bit ;)

  14. Fine in Safari, but you probably knew that, being OSX based.
  15. Ok, I get the issue in IE11 too, and Firefox I notice now.

    Chrome, Chromium, SRWare Iron and Opera Next are all fine (and all Chromium based).
    I'll grab Safari I guess...
  16. Have grabbed an IE10 VM off modern.IE and the fiddle exhibits the same problem. IE11 one downloading at the moment.
  17. Try this fiddle in IE8 or 9:
    This one doesn't go straight to the address bar, but it certainly doesn't go to the next field.

    Have not tested 10 or 11, but...
  18. No, it's not that.
    It's fine in Chrome, but not in IE.

    I'll try and find time to do some investigation today...

  19. Can't get it to happen in IE9 with that Fiddle.

    This is it happening in IE9 on one of our products:
  20. Just re-created in Chrome and Firefox again.

    I notice that I click and the menu doesn't open, the content just scrolls left. Clicking again opens the menu.49976
  21. Edit: Realised resizing not handled by Fiddle... will do another screenshot...
    Edit2: Having trouble re-creating now... give me a mo
  22. Windows 7, 64 bit.
    Happens in Chrome, Firefox...

    It's intermittent... try again, and again.
    If it works you have not hit the issue :)
  23. See fiddle here:
    Occurs in 5.0.0 and 5.0.1.

    Does something like the attached screenie.49969

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    The problem is doing it early enough, since it's used in the callback from Ext.define at times, e.g. Labelable.
  25. Fair enough, but this happens from the first field though, not at the end of the form.

    So, on a login form, tab from username goes to the address bar rather than the password, say.
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