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  1. This still seems unresolved as of Ext 4.0.7.
  2. Any updates on this? Can this be achieved in ExtJS now?
  3. So ext-debug.js is not debug?
  4. This is still not solved in 4.0.7:

    [/URL][URL="http://localhost/~erik/opennode-console/ext-4.0/ext-debug.js"]ext-debug.js:6183Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'substring' of undefined
  5. Yes, but try returning {..., 'things': ['a', 'b', 'c']} in JSONā€”it'll be returned by obj.get('things') as:

    '0': 'a',
    '1': 'b',
    '2': 'c'

    Currently I just...
  6. This does however cause the field to be treated as a plain Object not an Array, which is better than String but you still don't get all the Array methods, and there doesn't seem to be a trivial way...
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    Anything new since June about nested grids?
  8. Update:

    This is not only/really about hiding the mask, it's about one not being created in the first place.
    The result of this is not just that any previously visible mask is unwantedly removed...
  9. I just ran into the same issue. Has anybody been able to solve this or find a workaround?

    (Ext.MessageBox is also an Ext.Sheet, so it's really a problem of displaying 2 sheets on top of each...
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    Reading your post, I'm immediately thinking HTTP 207 - the HTTP response that can respond with multiple HTTP status codes at once. I assume you'd have to send multiple requests at once as well for...
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    I'm having the exact same problem. If a node is leaf:true, allowChildren:true and allowDrop:true have no effect - it's not possible to drop nodes on a node that is leaf:true which is really...
  12. I've solved this by looking at the way is implemented and implementing my own RestfulJsonReader ( but it's a rather dumb implementation though) that...
  13. I've been trying to figure out how to do this, but apparently this part of the ExtJS framework is not as trivial as to allow me to find a solution on my own, so here's my issue:

    Currently when I...
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    As a partial answer to my own question, I found a stub project someone has created on Google Code - - but it just has the SVN directory structure and...
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    Any plans/rumours of a Python (or even a Django specific) implementation?
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