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    Alex, TL;DR, here is the bug fix for 4.0.7:

    Ext.override(Ext.form.field.Radio, {

    resetOriginalValue: function () {
    //Override the original method in Ext.form.field.Field:
  2. Thank you, architect. I came up with the same workaround and was going to post it as a BUG fix, but figured I'd check to make sure it has not already been reported. Sadly, it is still not fixed in...
  3. Could these bugs be related? Please see my post here.

    Does the scrollbar still flash when you have a large number of items in the combobox? In my experience the scrollbar appears on page load...
  4. Having a large number of items in combobox adds blank space to bottom of page, lots of blank space, depending on the number of items. Up to around 500 does not make a difference. 500+ starts to grow...
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