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  1. Apologies, I think it was a caching issue & I think chrome was still loading 2.1 Scroller.js & JS from another git branch I was working on. It seems to be working fine now, so my bad; thanks for the...
  2. As mentioned, it's using the mouse, on a Mac & with Chrome.
    Mac version is 10.7.5
    Chrome version is 26.0.1410.65

    It happens with all scrollable components, whether they're standard...
  3. Ext version tested: Sencha Touch 2.2
    Browser versions tested against:
    Chrome (Mac / Desktop)
    Safari on iPhone 5/6

    For convenience we usually work off Desktop Chrome when...
  4. Ext version tested:
    Sencha touch 2.1.0

    Browser versions tested against:
    Samsung Galaxy III,
    - Default Android Browser for 4.1.2
    (though has occurred back during 4.0.3)
  5. Bumping this question because it's related to my own issue: can you grab the raw data if the returned JSON doesn't contain the root specified in the reader?

    ordinarily our store URL returns {...
  6. Hey,

    Our app will require to make a few cross-domain calls via AJAX; whilst we have got this working standard Ajax calls using Ext.Ajax.request - using either...
  7. Yes, the parent elements have height - 100% as per the Sencha stylesheets - and all the other associated styles for containers & panels.

    There is no inline CSS along the lines of display: none,...
  8. Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch v2.0, v2.0.1.1
    Browser versions tested against:

    Blackberry OS 7.1.0, default browser
    Blackberry OS, default browser
    Device tested against:

  9. *bump*

  10. Hey,

    I am wondering what the official status of Blackberry support in SenchaTouch 2, there seems to be little confirmation or discussion on the subject, that I can find anyway. It says on the site...
  11. Actually on further reading, I'm right in thinking that it's simply not possible to pass/parse a JSON object whose nods aren't univeral?
  12. Hey,

    So our devs have changed the format of the JSON data object that a TreeStore is passing into a NestedList & no longer works. I've been trying to alter the Model to match the new format, but...
  13. Yeah that's pretty much how I'd figured on doing it, something like:

    refs: {
    mynestedlist : '#mynestedlist'
    var node =...
  14. Priorities in the mobile app shifted so I had to park looking into this, had forgotten about the thread tbh. As it happens I'm jumping back into this portion and looking at deep-linking into a...
  15. So looking a bit more at the docs, I'm guessing then that the syntax would be something like:

    Where you use getNodeById to grab a...
  16. A quickie, should be an easy one(?), hopefully.

    I want to tie in the nestedlist to Sencha's routing, so that when the user presses their hardware 'back' button, the app will go back up one level...
  17. Bump? :)
  18. Hey Tommy,

    That's great to hear that the bug has been squashed & look forward to grabbing the next version of Sencha. It's very much appreciated from this user's perspective :) It was annoying as...
  19. Yes, I am aware that they should, and most controllers are being called properly; but as I already explained in my original post, the app has got quite front-heavy with a lot of utilities and...
  20. Based on some code I found in this forum, I've been working on trying to add controllers into my application dynamically & on the fly, as I need them. The web-app has grown quite large and wish to...
  21. No problem: any thoughts on what might be happening here? (admittedly it is a slightly vague error) This small error is the only remaining issue preventing our upgrade from PR4 -> Beta/RC so if it's...
  22. Hey,

    I spotted this issue occurring on RC2, but seems to happen back in beta 2 & 3 ...

    I have a TreeStore that fetches records depending on a user choice (specifically an ID grabbed through a...
  23. Yes it's the same record, so updateData did the trick, thanks for that. Simple solution for a simple problem!
  24. Hey,

    I asked this question before on Q&A and got no response - went back to PR4, but now looking at Beta3 again, so am wondering if this is a bug or what's going on.

    I have a range of panels...
  25. Replies
    Can't check on Beta, as there are other issues with that version preventing me, but I can certainly provide the offending code that was causing the issue, if that's any help to you :)

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