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  1. why not just use a border layout and have the bottom panel do your magic
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    maybe put iframe in a container or panel, and destroy() the container. or try to .destroy() the iframe
  3. maybe add an alias to your store. Is your store registered? in a requires block somewhere before this is used.

    extend: '',
    alias: 'store.TestStore',

    also try to add...
  4. any help on this from the Architect guys, I would think this would need to be addressed. what am I missing here
  5. tryig to add the paging scroller to my grid to work with my buffered store, I have the buffered render on in the grid, but when I add

    verticalScroller: {
    xtype: 'paginggridscroller'
  6. not sure exactly what kind of button you are looking for, but in the config panel, type 'tool', you will then see a Tools with a + you can select that and add some tool buttons, and you can also add...
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    to me when I go to that url, I do not get valid JSON.

    also might need to add a root to the proxy.
  8. this is just a stand alone project
  9. no, I dont want it there. but not sure how to change the build settings, I have just gone with it since I have been unable to change the build production and testing folders
  10. thanks for responding..

    Ruby 1.9.3p429 (2013-05-15 [i386-mingw32]
    dependencies look fine, screen shot attached.
    java version 1.6.0_34 I think we use this version for our tomCat

    build log...
  11. I would like an update on this please?
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    in the settings you can uncheck the checkbox that will overwrite your index page. just uncheck it and you should be ok
  13. version:
    Ext JS 4.2.x
  14. cmd theme package failed.

    this seems to happen everytime, I add a theme, I even took a sample project added a theme and build. It seems like this should work, but to no avail it always fails...
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    use the icon on the list, onItemDisclose or something similar. you can change that arrow via css and that can have an independent click from the list.
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    Drag out the bar chart to the canvas, select the bar chart and on the config window, look for Event Bindings. click the + and look for the event that you need.
  17. this needs to be deleted, he has posted this twice
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    first you put a menu on a button, then type check in the toolbox. you will see check item. drag it onto the menu that you just put on the button.
  19. refs: [
    ref: 'itemId',
    selector: '#itemId'

    try to make your ref look like what I have pasted
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    to add a menu to a button, just search for menu in the toolbox, and drag it onto the button, drag it on the main stage or over the menu button on the left or right, depending how you have your...
  21. defaultValue in a model is an object {} not a string.
  22. why dont you create a store in a separate file, for example in the store section. then for your store you could have
    store: 'store.YourStore',
    then you go to your store config and architect gives...
  23. what I do for now, is go to phonegap and just run through that process,
  24. I think the correct way to do this is if you have multiple projects, then you can create a workspace with sencha command.
  25. errors are taking way to long to load. example is just add a '' around a current val

    var obj = {
    pattern: pattern
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