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    I am reconfiguring my grid on runtime and pushing appropriate columns on. All columns display fine but BOOLEAN column does not display anything. Appears blank. The way I am pushing it on the...
  2. In EXTJS 4.2.1 this property has been renamed to
  3. Any clue why this would be happening?
  4. Only later I figured out that the Lib i was using was 4.1. Upgrading the Library to 4.2 fixed it. Thanks
  5. Hi,

    I am using Sencha Architect 3 version

    I want to use Themes on my project, but the Themes collection in my Toolbox on the left is no where to be found. Is there something I am...
  6. It is happening irrespective of the size of the project. I have a project with only 4 forms and happening on that as well.

    I have on my laptop:
    Windows 7 Enterprise SP1
    i5 2.5Ghz,
    8Gigs RAM....
  7. That screen stays there for 2 secs and then goes away.
  8. ON Sencha Architect 3,

    Clicking on Project Settings button, loads a ghost window on the top left corner, before the actual window opens. I have attached the screenshot of the ghost window. The...
  9. I will take this as an answer! Thanks
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    Could you point to some links, fiddles where I could see an example of what you are saying.

  11. Hi ,

    I have an app build using Extjs 4.2, Sencha Architect 2.2 that I run on Chrome.
    It has a lot of views/pages, tabs with Grids and other components on it.

    Currently my issue is, if the...
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    I think Architect 2.2 has something called createAlias, that might be used for something similar (no sure:-/)
    But I am using Architect 2.1
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    Well thats probably the answer that I am after. Appreciate the fiddle eg. I had never done a type extension before.

    Unfortunately, I am using sencha architect 2.1. And on the UI I have no option...
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    Oops! that was a bit high level and outside the scope of my understanding :((
    Could you give an example.:-/

  15. following line was enough and does the job.

  16. I achieved it using the following:

    printPicklistPDF: function() {
    var store = Ext.getStore('GeneratePicklist');
    var headerId = store.proxy.reader.rawData;
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    Same question. But this time column is a Date column. ExtJS4.1.3 Doesnt have a render config that i could use.
  18. I achieved it using config on the proxy

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: '',

    requires: [
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    How about a date column tooltip? ExtJS 4.1.3 doesnt have render config.
  20. Can you attach a screen shot of your grid? Or better yet, can you put a working example on jsfiddle that I could play with.
    I am not able to figure out looking at the code above.
  21. I agree. Happens in my code as well. Using Chrome latest version.
    Unfortunately I couldnt recreate it on jsfiddle.
  22. Cool,

    Thats what I did. Used two parameters.

    Sometimes its confusing.. eh!
  23. You can probably get an idea from this, may not be the answer to your question. Hope it helps.I achieved it like this:

    var grid = Ext.getCmp('eventItemsGrid');
    // prepare columns
    var columns =...
  24. I have achived the same using this:

    onMainViewportResize: function(abstractcomponent, adjWidth, adjHeight, options) {
    // This function refreshes the main viewport on browser window...
  25. You could possibly check for the top 4 grids store's write event.

    store.on('write', this.SomeFunctionFor5thGrid());

    You should probably have values in the

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