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  1. I am still expirencing this problem on some grids in GXT3.1.0:
    I activate a filter, header is bold and italic since css class...
  2. I haven't look into TreeGrid and why this workaround ist not working.
    My problem with this workaround has been this: You have to setHideMode(HideMode.OFFSETS) on the Component on which hide gets...
  3. It is not "... extends XTemplate" but "... extends XTemplates". Does that solve your problem?

    If not, since the error points to your Main, you should post it too.
    Is there a line like this?

  4. Take a look at Store.addChange(...) method:
    StoreRecordChangeEvent is fired only if isAutoCommit is flase. On commit(true) StoreUpdateEvent gets fired.
    If isAutoCommit is true, StoreUpdateEvent...
  5. Afaik, path has to be unique for each column. Might work, if you use just one such column.
  6. 1.) Which CheckBoxCell do you use? There is one in GWT and one in GXT.

    2.) If you use GXT kind of CBC, the model should be updated automatically on click of CheckBox. You don't have to handle that...
  7. This is a minor one in GXT3.1.
    I have a chart that sets maximum of NumericAxis depending on data displayed. I discovered some kind of strange behavior:
    If max data point is near 150 (green line),...
  8. I have no answer to your 1st question. But here is a solution for the 2nd one:

    NumericAxis<M> yAxis = new NumericAxis<M>();
    yAxis.setLabelProvider(new LabelProvider<Number>() {
  9. I guess gxt-theme-neptune.jar is not up-to-date. Where did you get it from?
  10. You may try a forceLayout() call on the FieldLabel(s) or their parent, just after toggling their visibility.
  11. First of all, I think you misspelled first line, didn't you?

    Second, to you problem. You constructor has to call a constructor of the base class like this:

    public class MyComboBox<T> extends...
  12. Holger, you are right.

    The solution I mentioned leads to a scroll bar at the middle column.
    Pinning left and right column to the top and thus having scroll bar at the right seems to be difficult...
  13. These 3 lines should change the scrolling behavior of the center column. But I am not sure, if this is suffucient. Untested!

    PortalLayoutContainer plc = new PortalLayoutContainer(3);
  14. What kind of TabPanel are we talking about?

    This confuses me. There is no forceLayout()...
  15. I guess using Changehandler on a checkbox is not a good idea. If I recall correctly, I had some issues with it. Clicking the Label for toggling is one of them.

    Try ValueChangeHandler. I think, it...
  16. No, it isn't. ContentPanel extends SimpleContainer. And SimpleContainer implements HasOneWidget. For these Classes add(child) is equal to setWidget(child).

    But you can do this: add a widget to the...
  17. Would you please mark my answer as "best answer" and not yours, please.
  18. Maybe this is a theme depending issue. Did you try blue or grey theme?
  19. Do you expect someone to take a look at your code? Maybe you should post it more reader friendly using [ CODE ][ /CODE ] tags ( # item in editor creates such tags).
  20. Widget itself doesn't know about children. But there is an interface called HasWidgets. If Widgets is of type HasWidgets it is able to carry children and has methods to add/remove/ask for them.
  21. <div id='doNotShowButton' ... is bad idea, cause u may get invalid HTML.
    Reason: id has to be unique. But u get potentially several div-elements with same id 'doNotShowButton'. class instead of id...
  22. Your getComponent function is looking for the parent(s) of the given widget? Seems odd to me, since you say you need "all widgets that are in the container". Sounds like you are interested in...
  23. U did. Atleast in this sticky thread.
    I thought u would recon u made that mistake in the other 3 sticky threads aswell. :-?
    Seems like I was wrong. :(( Sorry! So, Brandon, take a look at your other...
  24. 404. That’s an error.
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