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  1. Thanks for checking!

    So, this is a confirmed bug, but working in the latest branch of code?

    Also, please note, the bug also extended to trAttrs as well, but it would not render giving the above...
  2. EXT JS 4.0.7 + Firefox

    Take the following:

    { xtype:'container',
    layout: {
  3. Replies
    Porting xtheme-silverCherry from 2/3 would be a good thing to do :)
  4. nohuhu, good suggestion. I went with it... just has a little ugly line.

    Hope a fix comes next release.

    I can't change the order of it, or it will mess up the color (which is critical in my...
  5. Saw this myself today; glad to see a good bug report on it.
  6. No replies yet, but I did find out that if I stopped doing the "load", the memory eventually did go down a bit. The bad news means that it might just be a standard javascript/browser/os interaction...
  7. I'm seeing this with EXT JS 4.0.7 as well.. basically calling store.load() refreshes the Grid, and the memory keeps being used (up to 1GB before the browser dies): IE + Firefox 5
  8. I see this with a direct store as well, calling load. Basically it goes up by the size of the records in the store, and never goes down.

    Saw this on FireFox and IE (EXT JS 4.0.7)

  9. Thanks!

    The following did the trick (and in that order!)

    .grid_green .x-grid-cell {
    background-color:#008000 ;

  10. Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0.7

    Browser versions tested against:

    Firefox 5 with firebug

  11. Discovered the problem: as I suspected, the "len" of the definition of the Ext.Direct.addProvider needed to be 1. Seems when it is 3 or above, EXT tries to encode and send the store. I was using...
  12. Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0.7 (4.0.2a)

    Browser versions tested against:

    Firefox 5 with firebug

    The direct store configured for a grid is making a recursive call...
  13. Replies
    On the client side, remove the quotes around the directFn specification: it needs to be a function, not a strong.

    You have:
    directFn: ''

    You should have: ...
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