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  1. Does ExtJS animate using CSS3 for browsers that support it, and fall back to JavaScript for those that don't?
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    I know! Currently there is a bug in Chrome preventing the searching from working. I think it should be fixed for the next release.
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    I've been working on a Chrome extension to help developers debug ExtJS enabled applications. I wasn't looking to release this until later, however recent circumstances have changed my mind. Let me...
  4. I need more than two y-axis. I have a minimal requirement of at least eight y-axis; all of them different scales.
  5. This is still a problem for us. This fix mentions that it was applied to 4.0.1 and I've checked the sample site (4.0.2) and changing the width of the tree does not show a horizontal scroll bar. I've...
  6. As a possible fix, could you force a call to doComponentLayout and have the hbox recalculate? Perhaps by adding a listener for afterrender? I've been attempting to do this, but I haven't had much...
  7. I'm having difficultly trying to resolve this problem with stretchmax alignment. Here's some code to reproduce. No height can be specified.


  8. I haven't seen this issue fully resolved in 4.0.2a either. Here is a temporary fix I've been using.

    viewConfig: { style: 'overflow: auto' }
  9. Managed to find out what the issue was. The default idProperty is "id" not "Id". All that had to be done was to set the idProperty of the JSON reader and everything works as expected. Now this is...
  10. Here's the JSON output from the server.

  11. Please and thank you.
  12. Yes please and thank you.
  13. Here's a simple demo to reproduce the issue. The expected functionality is that I should be able to pass a title into the config. A simple workaround is to set the title after the component is...
  14. I have a problem with a Model/Store. The store is set to autoload the records via a proxy. However once the records are loaded and store.getNewRecords() is called, all the records in the store are...
  15. That would be much appreciated, thank you Jozef.
  16. I'm having a hard time getting my tree panel to scroll horizontally. When I expand my nodes, the tree will expand vertically, but it won't scroll horizontally as I expand items. Here's the code I'm...
  17. Our client has need for two chart requirements and I need help finding out if Extjs 4 will support our requirements.

    One requirement is to plot two datastores on the same graph (overlapped), and...
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