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  1. rdougan, could you briefly share how one might patch this manually for version 2.0.0 / 2.0.1?
  2. I've been having this same issue and have been working on troubleshooting it for a couple days now. Any news on this? Is there an updated patch that actually works somewhere? Our app relies on lots...
  3. I'm having this same issue. Were you able to find a solution?
  4. Thank you! This is great—very helpful indeed. One thing: I'd love to see the automatic progression stop if there's a tapmove event on the carousel, effectively turning it back into a normal carousel...
  5. Still getting this error. I've poured over everything I can possibly think of ... our current config file looks like this, all certificates and provisioning profiles are in place ... we even tried...
  6. Anyone? Any help anyone can offer us here would be greatly appreciated -- we're still unable to build an adhoc release and getting desperate.
  7. We're trying to build an adhoc release for iOS using the Sencha SDK Tools and can't get it to work. Building and running on the simulator works no problem but when we try and build for release we...
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