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  1. I've noticed that DP2 is available now with UI binder.
    Are there any examples on how to use UI binder with GXT 3?
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    Blue and gray themes are built in, so no configuration required for those.

    To use ThemeManager put this into your project gwt.xml

    <inherits name="com.extjs.gxt.themes.Themes"/>

    To use...
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    One way to do it is like this:

    On the server create a table in your database that will store current sessions (user and session ID)
    When user successfully logs in store session ID and user...
  4. I use Events.CellMouseUp

    List<ColumnConfig> configs = new ArrayList<ColumnConfig>();
    configs.add(new ColumnConfig("Column0", "Text Col 0", 100));
    configs.add(new ColumnConfig("Column1",...
  5. GXT 2.2.1:
    I had to put this into xtheme-slate.css for LabelToolItem to render white text on the Toolbar when Slate theme is selected. The black text on the dark toolbar is hard to read.

  6. Here is what I do to capture exceptions:

    // RPC proxy
    RpcProxy<Contacts> proxy = new RpcProxy<Contacts>() {
    protected void load(Object loadConfig,...
  7. Thanks Sven. Setting HideMode to OFFSETS on TabItems helped.

    However, in FF the flash component is still re-initialized. All other browsers seem to work fine with flash.
    Is there a specific...
  8. I have a TabPanel showing help pages in multiple tabs.

    The problem I have is then when flipping between the tabs the content of each tab is refreshed and thus loosing the previous scroll position....
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    No, I add it into ContentPanel with AbsoluteLayout.
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    Thanks for the nice component.
    It work fine in my program, however, one thing I could not get working is to respond to some of the inherited events. For example Events.Change or Events.TriggerClick....
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    I would do it like this:

    private LabelField exportReport;
    exportReport = new LabelField("Export");

  12. I have a reasonably complex ContentPanel with about 50 widgets on it.

    When the panel is opened via dialog box then there is no problem. Firefox renders the widgets off-screen and then shows the...
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    I use gwt-cal. It is GWT based but it integrates nicely with GXT, there three visual themes to choose from. They are working on adding the month view and some drag-drop features.

    Code sample of...
  14. Just an update on this. The latest build of GWT Designer (including GXT part) now works under Linux.
  15. I'm trying to evaluate Ext GWT (GXT) Designer from Instantiations on Linux (Ubuntu 9.04) and I'm having problem displaying the GUI.

    The GUI comes up with the strange exception:

  16. Still doesn't run with rc2.
    Got anyone samples.war running?
  17. I'm having problem deploying samples.war on my home jetty 6 server.
    When I try to access samples/explorer.html page I get SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE error page.
    Jetty log file shows this exception:
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    Thanks for the tip with onbeforeunload.
    I could not find Ext.EventManager.on equivalent in GXT so I put this into my application's html page:

    <script type="text/javascript"...
  19. Does GXT 2.0 supports default button on the forms and dialog boxes?
    I'm looking for the same behavior as Windows dialogs have: you set one button as default and then you can press RETURN key on any...
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    On another note, is there a way to prevent the page refresh when F5 is clicked? Currently when user presses F5 in the browser the whole application reloads and the user gets thrown back to the login...
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