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  1. Are you talking about putting the arrow images on the right of the icon or the right of the entire tree node? If something else, can you provide more details?
  2. Here's an example:
  3. This is a known issue, and unfortunately it hasn't been resolved yet.

    I've increased the priority on the bug tracker ticket (EXTJS-9546).
  4. This was fixed in 4.2.2.
  5. Discussion here:
  6. I see the issue in your example. I'm sure you have a reason, but why not use actual tabs?
  7. I was able to recreate the issue using 4.2.1, but it looks like it's been resolved. I can't recreate using version 5.0.0 or a recent nightly of 4.2.3.
  8. I can't recreate this in Chrome 36. That's a pretty old example page. Are you seeing the issue in a current version like 4.2.1?
  9. I ran your Fiddle, but it seems to behave as expected for me. In which browser are you seeing this issue? Does it go away in 4.2.1?
  10. Unfortunately, it looks like it was a doc bug, as that phrase is not in the docs for 5.0.0:!/api/Ext.resizer.Resizer-event-resizedrag
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    Apologies that the plugin was missing from your Downloads section. I had someone take a look and it should be there now.

    Thanks for the feedback. I've passed your suggestions along to those in...
  12. Looks handy! Thanks for sharing with the community.
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    What do you see when you inspect the element?
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    Sorry for the confusion. Your Sencha Complete subscription gives you access to the Sencha Eclipse Plugin. If you log into the support portal, you should see it in the Downloads section.
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    I'd say that yours sounds like a separate issue. What happens when you try to load your app? Do you see white screen, errors, etc.?
  16. Compatibility modes are not supported.
  17. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  18. Looks like it's been fixed, as the expand icon is visible in 5.0.0:
  19. In which version of ExtJS are you running this?
  20. Looks cool! Thanks for sharing your work with the community.
  21. Sounds like this issue:

    It has not been resolved yet, but is scheduled to be fixed in 4.2.3.
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    Thanks for the post. Yes, we had some intermittent outages during that time causing 503 errors, but it was resolved yesterday morning (PST) and has been running well since then. We thank you for...
  23. Generally speaking you'd want to find the event triggered by the left-side click and override it. Have you tried asking in the Extensible forum?
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    So you want scrolling within the grid, and for the paging toolbar to always be visible? What's happening now?
  25. The combo has it's own ID, no conflicts. Any chance you can recreate the behavior in a Fiddle?
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