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  1. I am hoping someone can help me, I have built an application with sencha and now I am trying to build an android app using phonegap. It works with the exception of the camera/ capture. The phonegap...
  2. after scroll: "vertical", try

    scope: this,

    and before afterrender: function(c){ add

    scope: this,

    Maybe a scope issue, it might be that its looking for setCard in afterrender function and...
  3. I had this same problem and absolutely no luck getting a response on this forum or any information in documentation. One thing I did was to use the sencha debug js file and change scrollToTop:...
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    Seriuosly? Your own examples are broken and no response and my only option is to find an answer in incomplete documentation. This is basic functionality of a mobile framework of screen orientation-...
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    Hello all I am going a little crazy with orientation problems:
    I have a basic application

    // app.js:
    Ext.ns(''KOI', 'KOI.views');
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    Hello all, I am a bit desperate for a little help. I am creating an application that allows people to browse images. I know I can't access the photo library from mobile safari, my question is how can...
  7. Something is wrong with the docs- can't seem to get to this page.
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