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    I feel like your sentence could be reworded to: This is a bad place to define the proxy because it will ensure all stores using this model use the same proxy settings. We all agree that stores and...
  2. Add this to your css:

    .x-surface tspan {
    cursor: inherit;
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    When you enter it in your browser, you're doing a GET request. The default for a form submit is POST.Add "method: 'GET'" to your submit object.
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    Good job. Few things:You need to add outline:none css to your inputEls.Your checkall doesn't work correctly. Click it when Completed is selected on the bottom.Todo.view.TopBar's layout object...
  5. This would work but, it highlights another bug with querying of detached elements.

    viewConfig: {
    getCellSelector: function(header) {
    var result =...
  6. function quickId(ns, mode, root, id) {
    if (ns == root) {
    id = unescapeCssSelector(id);
    var d = root.ownerDocument || root;
    return d.getElementById(id);...
  7. You can add the property manageBodyBorders: true to the panel as a workaround.
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    1,144 frame might be an option but even that is being killed.Can you just add rtl: true as an override for Ext.AbstractComponent?
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    @JayYou don't have to use websockets. You can also leverage long-polling.
  10. I'm looking for this mechanism but it's not working whatever the signature or event is called. The fiddle has been updated to show that both don't work. onContainerMouseEnter was the function that...

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.2.1 rev ____
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 30.0.1599.101
    DOCTYPE tested against:

    Have you tried downloading and running locally? I know some places have web-proxies that think they know best about HTTP headers and like to replace curse words in minified files.
  13. I think there was a SimpleStore in ExtJS-3.

    .x-column-header-inner.x-column-header-over {
    background-color: red;
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    From 4.1.1 to for 4.1.3 the order of when the verticalScroller was attached changed. Instead of being in initComponent it was moved to bindStore. It's been a while since I've worked on it and the...
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    I'm not sure I can give you direct answer without looking at what you have. The Sencha people made a significant amount of changes under the hood from 4.1.0, 4.1.1 and 4.1.2a. My company has been...
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    Hey Mankz,

    Thanks for sharing this. It helped me build a better understanding of how the locked/buffer/tree/nodestore works.

    I ended up writing a different implementation but I went ahead...
  18. The goal is to reduce the number of DOM elements on the page without breaking hide/show/drag/etc.

    Ideally, columns out of visible range should not be rendered at all.

    Hiding the column...
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    Last time I checked, the spacer fix wasn't needed in 4.1.1.

    I've got these for an override class:

    patchLockedSpacer: function() { var me = this,
    lockedView =...
  20. Can anyone explain the best way to get the headers and selectively choose which ones to render? Grid reconfiguration is not the answer I'm looking for. I'm trying to get infinite scroll working in...
  21. Does anyone have some pointers for using ExtJS' charts on Google Maps/Open Layers/Leaflet?

    Right now I'm doing a deferred created and renderTo after I've created the markers but this approach...

    I have made what you described but there is no problem adding spaces to the textfield.

    I'm not getting null.
  24. Have you tried removing those global variable references you made that are still attached to the object you intended to destroy?
  25. If you highlight the field and paste instead of typing, you get what's expected -- the select event will not trigger. The moment you press 'A', you've effectively cleared your selection.
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