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    Here is my problem.
    I have a window with a panel that loads content from a .jsp page.
    The .jsp page contains some flash elements that are not displayed inside this window.

    If i run the single...
  2. Thanks a lot for the reply.
    I ll check it and i ll post if the problem is fixed.
    Thanks again
  3. I have a grid that uses row expander in order to display more informatioin about each row.
    I would like to be able to display the text included in the expander in HTML format.
    The text comes...
  4. Thanks a lot guys for the help.
    I ll make an Ajax call to the server and then validate the service if available.
    Thanks again.
  5. I am currenty creating an application that according to user id finds out about the status in some major instant messaging services.

    This service is hosted in another domain than mine application...
  6. The result is the same as the first image.
    The first element appears not in the same line as the other ones
  7. If I only use layout:'column' the result is the following:
  8. Can someone suggest me a way to avoid what is happening at the next screenshot?

    The code in order to build this panel is:
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    When I use form.submit... no parameters are passed to the target page.

    Here is my code:

    var basicDetailsForm = new Ext.form.FormPanel({
    baseCls: 'x-plain',
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    Thans for the reply.
    To be honest I can't figure out how to set a loadmask to an element that needs some time to render and fire the waiting message on beforeshow and show events.

    Is it possible...
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    When you load a form as shown in this example:
    it is possible to display a loading screen while the xml is loading.

    I wonder if there is a...
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    Interesting anwer. I ll check more on tha COMET style architecture.
    Thanks for your answer!!!
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    With firebug it is easy for the user to track all available server XMLHttpRequests.
    As I was writing something in google docs, I had firebug enabled and I found out that all responses can not be...
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    still nothing.
    I changed the date format.
    This also happens if I leave the default format parameter.

    Any idea what else to try?
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    I am facing a problem when submitting a date field object in a form.
    The problem is that in submission the date passed is for example: 12/12/0008 as for the actual date 12 of December 2008.
    I can't...
  16. Thanks a lot Condor that works fine!
  17. I am having a modal window that has several expandable panels.
    Each panel has form elements like textfields and textAreas.

    When I am working with Firefox I don't have any render problems but...
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    You should use:
    labelAlign: 'left' instead of labelAlign: 'top'
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    If I understand correctly what you want you can do the following:
    <img src="....." onClick="dislpayWindow()" />

    <script type="text/javascript">
    function displayWindow(){
    var window =...
  20. I am facing exactly the same problem.
    I guess this happens because the tabs are not rendered in the window unless user press them. Thus, the elements in the other tabs aren't populated to the DOM....
  21. I am facing the following problem:

    I have a form with some text fields. Each textfield has an emptyText value on. When submitting the form, the emptyText is sent as parameter instead of an empty...
  22. Thanks a lot!!!
  23. Would anyone be so kind to give me an example about how reading xml that has multiple items (i don't know if that definition is the proper one).

    Let me give you an example about the xml I want to...
  24. Unfortunatelly, I couldn't find any working solution so I used a simple jsp that is loaded inside the panel.
    The requests for the data are done from the jsp and the formatting is done using CSS.
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    Hi community,
    I started working with ExtJS about a month ago, and now that I have time during my Christmas holidays I would like to hear your suggestions (since you are more experienced developers...
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