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  1. ... or just restarting the bash (terminal) to init the users bin folder ;)
  2. Thanks you evan, I didn't know that 'stretch' have so a huge impact here.
  3. Tested in Chrome v.24

    Consider the following layouts

    ViewPort (Border Layout) -> TabPanel(no defined Layout) -> TabPanel(VBox Layout)

    If I place a GridPanel in the last TabPanel the...
  4. Hi evant,
    I guess I was confused by labelAlign: 'top' which get positioned over the textfield. I then expected the labelAlign: 'right' to move to the right. And yes, I just had just an quick watch...
  5. Lately I tried to align a label to the right and failed. After a look at the Docs I saw that 'right' has the same description as left which seems to be totally correct cause the...
  6. Oh yes, that clarify everything. So if I am that lucky, that my bug get a response at all and is tracked from that on I simply need to check if the bug is really fixed, after it is marked as fixed...
  7. How can you people mark it as fixed when it's not... just take a look at the demo of your own at API. Reconfigure animate to false and test it. And by the way, the demo shows a configuration that is...
  8. If I use the forceFit option along with a grid the Column injected by the Ext.selection.CheckboxModel should not be affexted by this.

    Following a working snippet (format broken :( but it can be...
  9. Still waiting for any feedback on this topic...
  10. I slightly modified the workaround:

    setValue: function (value) {
    if (!Ext.isObject(value)) {
    var obj = new Object();
    obj[] = value;
    value = obj;
  11. I don't think so. As you said this is the simplest use case of a radio group while there is only one datatype from which you choose. Also the API example shows exactly this case...

    So yes, please...
  12. Thanks for that quick reply... Yes this works and it should be classified as a bug if not already solved in the upcoming 4.1

    I seems radiogroups has never been tested so far?!
  13. Below is the code that worked fine in ExtJS 3.x but in ExtJS 4.0.7 the value can be fetched using form.getValues(); but in can't be set using form.loadRecord();
    The first button logs the getValues...
  14. Any status updates on this bug? I've tested it in 4.1 and seems not to be fixed...
  15. - grid in border layout: columnmenu (happens also in all other regions)

    - collapsed grid in border layout region south [Chrome 17, FF10 (differs in alignment)]
    - grid in border...
  16. Yes this Bug is fixed in 4.1 tested with Beta2. But I ended up in a whole lot of render issues, most in Chrome 17;
    - pagingbar: current page field width error [Chrome 17]

    - tabpanel:...
  17. If a store (grid) has a pagingbar applied the current page needs to get resetted to page 1 if a filter get applied. Otherwise you end end up on a none existing page if the filterresult does not...
  18. Bump-up...
    Still waiting for feedback. Verify/Decline?
  19. I still wait for a answer. The democode above should clearify that it seems to be issue/bug. And if so could you please move this to the bug section?
  20. I've set a breakpoint into the StoreManager register method and took a look into the store config of each store that gets registered. All storeId's are overridden by the name of the store. I don't...
  21. I have the following simplyfied setup

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: '',
    autoLoad: true,
    storeId: 'Cl',
    proxy: {
    type: 'direct',
  22. As far as I can tell this bug is based on wrong CSS classes (Tested in FF8 with Firebug)

    This are the applied classes for a visible item. In the first line you can see the initial classes, applied...
  23. Thanks for the quick reply. No I tried the config code below with the result that I end up with just one remaining panel after some clicking.

    layout: {
    type: 'accordion',
  24. For my understanding of the API the plus/minus buttons should not be shown in the example below. There should also just the active accordion-panel be at the top. For me this config options changed...
  25. I just tried to run one of my apps in IE9 RC and end up with the following errors

    is that a common problem? I am using v. 3.3.1
    In compatibility view all works fine.

    I am thankful for all...
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