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  1. That looks to be the situation. Sencha wants your money and the company's money. I'm not sure but you may be able to buy a 5-developer licence and transfer it to the company when you finish your...
  2. Apparently for the moment the current single developers will be tolerated as I have the same deal. I wonder about the future. Will we be priced out next year?

    The learning curve is already a high...
  3. Thanks for your answer. That does simulate what I was trying to get.

    I guess in trying to use the "new" stuff, I forgot to think about the "old". :)

    I asked my question because I could not use...
  4. Nope, not yet.
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    My previous try at an override seemed to work but now looking with IE... FAILURE!

    Any progress on this issue?
  6. Here is a long shot guess.


    autoLoad: false

    After the user login, try one of the following:
  7. I have a store defined. In two different ViewModels I want to use the data from the store. I need to convert the data from one field to two different values based upon the view.

    If I put a...
  8. I'm trying to get an xtype 'dataview' to work with the new ViewModel. I have a chained store which feeds data to my dataview. What I cannot understand is how to get the data from the formulas into...
  9. Forget electronic media. Let them know in a fashion they probably do not see often. Write a formal letter on paper and send it via the postal service. This would surely get their attention more than...
  10. I now have this problem. :(

    For every app added to my workspace, I get another copy of the theme. I do not need 10 copies of the same theme!

    Does anyone know how to stop this?
  11. I'm using Architect 3.1.0 buuild 1934 and Cmd and ExtJs 5.

    My problems may stem from upgrading and upgrading.

    I started this project by creating a workspace and app space with Cmd.
  12. I'll add my name to the list of single developer shops who have a small customer base and do not see growing to 2 developers soon much less 5.

    I hope it is not goodbye Sencha with the cost of 3...
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    "Save As" would allow saving under another title.

    I needed this as I had a bug report and a fiddle to show the bug. I then worked upon an override to allow me continue working and wanted to show...
  14. I have added more information which points to the location of the bug and my attempt at an override as a workaround in that other thread.

    The override is still being tested.

    Hopefully this...
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    Here is my try at an override.

    The fiddles show the problem with widget disappearing with at checkchange. To test the expand/collapse problem, remove the hide/show in onWidgetAttach and the...
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    Am I blind or is the option to "Save As" missing from the Sencha Fiddle?

    If it is missing, please add this as a new feature request.
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    Here is some information I have discovered over the last twos days tracking down this bug. Red and blue are my additions to Extjs code.

    in Ext.view.Table / handleUpdate


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    Has anyone found a workaround for this bug?

    I have a similar problem. See!

    My widget seems to be...
  19. I often wonder why only lowercase also.

    Especially when my eyes hurt from trying to see what is wrong in my alias.
  20. BUMP!

    I need to know if anyone else has this problem. What is the fix? Is this an Architect bug?


    OK, I've never had to use "sencha app watch" before so I had not turned it on. ...
  21. Please add my report to to the bug as it is not just expand/collapse but also checkbox change also.

    Is there a way to "not" add a widget (like sliderwidget) to a row based upon some value in the...
  22. Ext version tested:

    Ext 5.____ rev ____
    Browser versions tested against:

    DOCTYPE tested against:

  23. I've always done the "sencha generate" first and then saved from Architect into that workspace.

    Not tried it with the newest Cmd and Extjs 5 yet.
  24. What if I do not want to add the widget based upon a field in the record?

    Is there a way to cancel adding the widget? Or do I just hide it?

    For example, I have a tree panel and only want the...
  25. If I save my application in Sencha Architect and try to run it the following file is requested but not found and my css is messed up.


    I must run...
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