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  1. There is already a working example of this here:

    In one of the tabs you will see the image lazy loading and fading in. Snippet from their doc:
  2. Adding to my original post, I found something on Github already built in Sencha Touch 1 that looks easy to adapt to v2 as there is not much code (the fiddle link won't work, but you can download and...
  3. Hi,

    I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but I was wondering how easy it would be to create a slot machine type effect like this one, using the built-in Sencha components (a simple list maybe,...
  4. Thanks for your post, it was very useful. My only concern was that the animations are webkit only. I was thinking maybe it could also be done the way Bruno Tavares does it here?

  5. I think I've understood some of what you mean but still not understanding you have an example picture off google somewhere or did you want it to do exactly how the Facebook app works?
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    Have you tried adding in Appgyver Steroids? Not tried it myself.....but meant to be possible

  7. Hi,

    Could you elaborate a bit more, why exactly is the tabpanel not suitable is it because you don't want any icons selected initially but you want one of these tabs active? You should be able to...
  8. Why don't you try storing the project in a folder on Dropbox that is accesible between both developers?

    That's what I have been doing for my Sencha Touch projects and it has worked very well. Just...
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    The first thing I would ask, is how are these stores being loaded? Could you post some code to show how your stores are setup and being updated?

    I saw similar issues originally, and it came down...
  10. It looks like you might be following instructions for Sencha Touch v1 and the syntax is slightly different....I noticed you are using 'new Ext...'

    Where are you following your instructions from?
  11. Before blaming anybody take a closer look at your code. I noticed that when inspecting the source I see a number 4 prefixing it, which means there is an error in your code.

    And Sencha have to make...
  12. It's probably an error in your code. I noticed when inspecting the source that you have a number 4 before everything, which shouldn't be there. There is also an error in the 'requires' part of the...
  13. Try the architect demo, it would be perfect for experimenting with layouts like this. But essentially I
    did it like this:

    Drag a container to views
    Drag a panel into the container (this is for...
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    That maybe true but I made it look exactly the same using CSS, and I made it scrollable and it uses quite a bit less code. I have a feeling will work on more devices as the other one uses...
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    Possible post in the wrong forum? Should be in the Architect forum.

    I would use if I were need for 3rd party extensions now.

    If you look in the Kitchen Sink example you will...
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    Could you use a PHP image resizer (not tested)?

  17. Ah sorry I misunderstood....I've done something similar to you before but don't have the code on this machine.

    I had a quick play around in CSS...not sure if this helps or not. Take a look at this...
  18. I've built a sencha app that works great on all screen sizes...the header is a panel set using percentage widths and is 20% height at the top, so the logo and the background in the header adjusts...
  19. I've never used the useComponents feature before I've never quite understood it...but I have accessed data similar to yours and applied it to a dataview. I made a YouTube video wall which grabs...
  20. Hi,How is the entire screen setup? Have you tried a container that is set to v-box, inside that you have the dataview as the first item at flex 0.33 and what do you have underneath? A panel or...
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    PM me over your email address and I can send you something that might get you going....I haven't had time to look at it myself yet.

    It's a basic DFP template showing basic ads that you...
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    Inmobi are quite well known and respected as a mobile ad provider, but they are just one provider. What would be ideal would be to have something like a Google DFP solution working in a Sencha app....
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    Have you seen this component in the Sencha Market?

    It would be interesting to also see a Google DFP implementation...
  24. Hi, I read with interest about the Sencha Touch Specialist certification. I think I am well versed in most of those topics but there are a couple that I havn't used, for example routes. How is the...
  25. It is a bit hacky, but it has worked for me.

    I have one more idea, not sure if it will work. It uses getScrollable to get the maxposition of the scroller of the dataview. If you replace with your...
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