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  1. Reading the doc, nothing says anything about limitation to the store even though it is... minimally it should loop over the loaded data or show a warning, not an error.
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    I have an app that I just upgraded to 4.2 from 4.1.2. I'm using the sandbox version because we still haven't fully migrated everything to Ext 4 yet.

    I managed to create my new theme...
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    I generated an app using sencha cmd, everything worked fined. The only thing I want to do is move the ext folder. Instead of ext at the root, i'd moved it to libs/ext. I have a few other libs...
  4. Hi,

    I use the api's documentation a lot (sencha touch / extjs) and there is something that is really isnt practical in terms of user experience. The title of any component is always the last...
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    You said the load takes 6-8 seconds? Your server side logic needs to be optimized as ExtJs isn't responsible to building the response but rather just rendering it. When you look at your web console,...
  6. I'm not sure if its a bug. I have images with variable heights. Using the src.sencha service, my images width are determined by the size of my screen, but the height may vary depending on the image....
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    Same thing happened to me, try recompiling the SASS or if your using the .css out of the box, update your reference in your .html file. Solved the issue for me.
  8. Hi,

    With the release of 2.1 and the new list, items height can either be variable of fix, which is greatly appreciated in terms of performance. The only problem I have is that in my xtemplate, I...
  9. With the callback key set to '_callback', its working fine. Im having trouble mapping it in my jsonreader. The structure I get from yahoo pipes is

    value: {
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    I'm having performance issues with the treepanel and I'm not loading huge amount of data. The treestore loads about 200 nodes (calls are < 100 ms), which are all child of the root node. It...
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    Good job on bug fixes, especially with the grids.

    I tested it out and found a bug with a buffered store (also using gouping feature and rowbody feature) which appeared after 4.1.1 rc1. Calling...
  12. For some reason refreshNode doesn't refresh the row. It does recall getAddtionalData where the data is updated but the dom stays as is. If I call view.refresh(), the row gets properly updated. I...
  13. Hi,

    I currently have a grid which a rowbody, using the getAdditionalData. In the rowbody, I show data about the record/model and its association. When I set a value on a record, only the row is...
  14. Hi,

    I have a standard Ext.grid.Panel with 5 columns, where 2 of them are templatecolumn. My model used in the store of the grid has 2 relation 'belongsTo' which are are loaded when the grid's...
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    I tried your on/off button on my app (sencha touch 1.1/ phonegap 1.0) on a iPad 2. The button inside the slider is off a bit, the button doesn't fit flush inside the slider.

    I'll post the...
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