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    Thanks a lot!
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    as below,I set "collapsible:true, titleCollapse:true".
    when I cilick on tabs,the panel will collapse too,I want to collapse panel only when I click title of tabpanel,how to config?thanks

  3. ok,thank you for your explanation.:D
  4. oh,so pity,whether it is a bug?
    I hope it can support synchronized request in next release,because sometimes ,such as I submit a form(insert a new record in DB),then refresh the list od this...
  5. synchronized ajax request:'GET', '', false);
  6. Sorry,English is not my mother language.
    I mean how to send synchronized ajax request in extjs2.0?
  7. It seems there're no config properties to set synchronize request.
    And when I set method "post",I can't receive parameters in requested page,code below:
    url:"data.jsp", ...
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