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  1. I have the same problem. The link you gave Phil.Strong, does not really use sencha cmd. I downloaded the architect archive of the example, upgraded to ST 2.1, initialized Sencha Cmd in it with...
  2. Unfortunatly we need this badly. :-(
    Any ETA on 4.2? Or would it be possible to backport this fix? This is really urgent for us as the grid is nearly unusable for professional users in this state....
  3. Yes, all methods are there. I just tried again with 4.1-Beta2. Should I report a Bug?
  4. We have an override for that adds plugin-support for Stores. To minimize needed changes between ExtJS updates I coded it with using borrow which borrows the plugin...
  5. I already noticed some time ago that all comments disappeared from the docs. Why is that? I can still login and post a comment (the ui shows up, but I didnt really post a comment just for testing)...
  6. Originally a beta of 4.1 was said to be expected in september. Is this still realistic? We are in the process of porting our application to ExtJS 4.x and have so far had big problems with grids in...
  7. I just tried the Designer 1.2 Beta1, and I'm impressed! It looks really good so far!
    But I have one feature request:
    Designer 1.2 exports projects into a file hierarchy based on Ext MVC. This is...
  8. At first I was happy to find a solution to this problem, but I already do not include neither bootstrap nor ext-core in my page. I still get this error.
    Any other hints?
  9. Why don't use use modelInstance.set('whatever',myValue); ??
    Hint: All Nodes are model-instances!
  10. From the diff between 4.0.2RC3 and 4.0.2 I see that this was fixed. Thread can be closed.
  11. Replies
    I also stumbled over this error. Through reading the code of i found out that setting the root-nodes loaded-property to true fixes the problem. Try changing your example to this:
  12. I also encountered this problem. I fixed it with replacing



    I found that out, watching the diff between 4.0.1 and 4.0.2RC3, and there was a call...
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    Did you disable all extensions in Firefox (especially Firebug) when testing? My experience is, that when firefox is run with some or more extensions memory usage starts to leak and grow very fast....
  14. Actually its the otherway round. JavaScript!==JSON.
    JSON is always Javascript. This is reason you can parse JSON with javascript eval() but why you cannot parse Javascript with json_decode() (Native...
  15. Javascript is not JSON. (Javascript can contain functions/methods, JSON not)
    The "native" JSON parsing cannot parse javascript, as the JSON does not allow functions, and all members must be properly...
  16. I always thought that putting .js-files in to the body was good practice to reduce the initial load-time of a page. If I load 2-3 MB of javascript in the head it takes some time to even display a...
  17. Here is a simple example that demonstrates the problem:

    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "">
  18. This IS a Problem of Ext JS 4.
    ExtJS 3: Loading JS files in correct order in head: works
    ExtJS 3: Loading JS files in correct order in body: works
    ExtJS 4: Loading JS files in correct order in...
  19. I was also struck by this problem. It took me quite some hours of testing to find this out. Thats also a problem because it is no where documented how a html-page has to be set up for Ext JS 4.
  20. We just released ExtDocSuite 3.3.0. Get it via Auto-Update or manually:
    Still no offline search functionality besides search for class-name (in-tree) and words...
  21. Because with a dedicated application you get a dedicated window that is easily findable because it has another icon as the browser you use. I usually have Firefox open with more than 20 Tabs open...
  22. Finally, ExtDocSuite 3.2.0 is here! We packed in some nice new features that we think you'll love! :-)
    Just hit the "Check for Updates now" in the application to upgrade, or download from the blog:...
  23. I havent run into this issue, but thats probably because I have a machine with 8 Gigs of RAM... :-)
    I would suspect that there are some memory leaks in the documentation. ExtDocSuite 3.1.1-3 itself...
  24. BUMP!
    What is holding this on? Just a small one-liner which fixes a known Bug? We have to patch ExtJS specifically because of this Bug... :-(
  25. I updated ExtDocSuite to Version 3.1.1-3, and incorporated some suggested improvements and fixes from this thread. Just hit the Update-Button to update your copy.
    More details in the Blog:...
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