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    I have created a rails backend for the http state provider extension. The current_user is provided from the AuthenticatedSystem plugin (which stores the user_id in the session). It is not read from...
  2. store.findExact(combo.valueField, value) will also return the correct value ( and not 33 as a valid result if the combo.valueField contains 3).
  3. For me it finally worked with this code for GridFilters.js:

    * Ext JS Library 3.0+
    * Copyright(c) 2006-2009 Ext JS, LLC
  4. When I set a filter in a column, I can not remove the filter again, because I can not click on the checkbox to deactivate the filter again.
    Is this probably a CSS problem ? Does anyone else know...
  5. You are right. In a beginning I did not put a high priority to that, also for performance reasons. But in a near future I will probably do a permission check before showing the buttons. In that case...
  6. Lots of new functionality available, among others a EditorGrid for speed entering children and assigned courses. The first time I use the EditorGrid - I should have checked it out before - it can add...
  7. You read my mind ! This is exactly what I wanted to do as a next step in the GUI improvement. I only have to take care to generate unique element IDs as the grids and panels are mostly generated...
  8. Thank you for the hint ! I have to update some things in order to use ExtJS 3.0, this has shown a first test.
    Unfortunately, the themes will also not work anymore in ExtJS 3.0 - so I guess I will...
  9. Opening the pdf reports and CSV files directly from the menutree or menubar in a new window only works in Firefox - for unknown reasons I cannot get it working it for IE (via toolbar bottons it works...
  10. I have developed a ERP system in Ruby on Rails and Ext JS. Every customer has its own "client" (many customers working on the same system - but totally separated data). This way it works perfectly as...
  11. Thank you. I see - but to me it still does not work. Strange ...
    I did a workaround via the CSS to have the panel transparent.

    /******** Menutree Nodes for TreePanel with id 'menu'...
  12. I have the same problem.
    bodyStyle:'background-color:blue;' does not work in a TreePanel.

    Any other ideas ?
  13. I did not read your problem until every detail, but maybe the tab panel configuration deferredRender: false
    Then the tabs are always rendered which causes objects inside not to...
  14. I have solved the problem ! Finally you have been right with the rendering.
    I need to set deferredRender: false in the tabpanel configuration, because only then also unactivated tabs are...
  15. Thank you for the hint. Unfortunatley it does not solve the problem. I even put a 5 second delay to have everything rendered. The behaviour is that when executing the
  16. I have constructed the following panel to edit system roles: (see attachment jpg)

    The left gridPanel ("assigned functions") and the right gridPanel ("unassigned functions") are items of a...
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