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  1. In the onLoad function on the iFrame you have
    Ext.EventManager.on(window, 'unload', me.beforeDestroy, me);

    I believe you meant to add the listener to the iframe and not the window, or possibly...
  2. I found the "solution". This probably will not work for every scenario.

    Basically there is a bug in the treegrid code that when the metaData fields are supplied through the JSON, ExtJS...
  3. I edited the initial post to include the source instead of the live example as that is now being taken down.
  4. Did you ever find a solution for this problem?
  5. I add my filters to a form panel completely separate from the grid and then attach the forms values to the grid as filters.

    When I do this and force the store to load, it submits the filters with...
  6. I can't seem to get the treegrid to accept the metaData fields parameter from a json call. I got the columns to reconfigure and the fields to assign to the model but any time the models fields get...
  7. To anyone looking for the code solution:
  8. When I add a locked column to a grid it's columns lack the same properties as grid with no locked columns. I can't seem to run column functions, or access many of the column variables. Is there...
  9. What I was saying is that the button no longer works when the locked column is on the Grid.
  10. While trying to figure out the difference between my code and your code I discovered adding a locked column to the example breaks it. Is this a bug with Ext JS? Is there a work around for this?
  11. I would assume it would be fairy easy but I can't seem to get column functions to work. All I want to do is create a button that hides sets of columns on my fairly large table. The problem is, I...
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    I just wanted to post the answer and a few tidbits of information. I can now manually supply the summary row values and the data rows with a single ajax call. If this is built in, or there is a...
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    I am trying to supply the grid with a summary row values from a store. All it is is exactly the same model type as the grid data, just a summary row instead. My grid store actually has both the rows...
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