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  1. Thanks, setting Ext.BLANK_IMAGE_URL helped. I totally forgot that I had to define it and forgot to change it after moving my ext-folder.
  2. Yeah, I got it all:

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="lib/ext/resources/css/ext-all.css">
    <script type="application/javascript"...
  3. I'm reloading my tree now for over one hour. The +/- icons won't show up and the node's text isn't even indented. I have something like this:

    var root = new Ext.tree.TreeNode({...
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    That is the actual issue. In my version, I want all editors to be always available and accept input.
    The actual validation of the value can happen during input or rather if enter is hit, if you...
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    Actually this helps but its still not what I really wanted. I wanted a grid that is editable by default; the cells should always show its editors, rather than some renderer. How would I go and do...
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    Thanks again :)
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    Well this is a feature request and a help request in one:

    The GridPanel doesn't offer you to make your own cells. I have to provide a grid whose cells are editable by default, rather than...
  8. I learn something every day :)

    But region-class got removed in 2.0, so how do I define a region without defining its component - or should I just re-render the component the first time it gets...
  9. I have the following structure:

    ViewPort (fitlayout)
    + TabPanel
    + tab1
    + tab2 (borderlayout)
    + rightPanel (region: center)
  10. Funny, I just wanted to start a post with the exact same topic.

    Well, if you want google and the other search-engines to be able to list your pages content, you need to supply the content without...
  11. I now redid the whole design, working with layouts only, no explicit HTML-definitions anymore.
    But if I add the grid to a container with ColumnLayout, I still have to set the grid's height...
  12. Thanks for the reply - Good to know that its not a bug.

    I suppose the way to go in ext would be layouts to use space more efficiently - I thought of that the first time now, after trying to fix...
  13. I posted it as a bug:
  14. See

    When adding a record to a store, it should automatically appear in the grid. This is the way it worked in 1.1 and it makes a lot of sense....
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    Ok thanks for the insight. On that day, I googled once for "thread safety in js" which did not return anything... I should have tried a broader search :)

    Threads and processes are different...
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    Is JS absolutely thread-safe? That would kinda require that everything you do would be executed in the same thread.
    When using Ajax, you automatically have more than one thread but how does JS...
  17. I guess I found all the answers that I need:

    Store is a readonly-representation of remote data

    And Ext.util.JSon delivers the tools that I need when working with JSon.
  18. The docs state say, is supposed to commit changes. But -in case of JSon- it does not send the changes to the server nor -in case of XML- does it save a new XML...
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    Hehe, yeah I just realized that... Sorry about that stupid question... I must have been drunk or something :)
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    Isn't enableColumnMove : true in the ctor supposed to already take care of automatically moving rows?

    If I set it to true in an EditorGrid with a RowSelectionModel, I am still not able to drag...
  21. First off: Nice work with this framework! It seems really comfortable, judging from my first 2 days of working with it :)

    I encountered a problem with the CellSelectionModel though. The EditorGrid...
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