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  1. FYI, this still occurs in Cmd version (not publicly available, obtained through our support subscription)
  2. In the nightly build from 2014-10-01, when calling .setValue() on a combo box the select event is fired.
    We'd only expect the change event to be fired.

    This behaviour started some time after the...
  3. What is the recommended procedure for using the ExtJS nightly builds with Sencha Architect? Should we simply be downloading it and copying it over the existing ext folder within the project, or is...
  4. I'm in the process of ironing out bugs that have appeared in a decent sized ExtJS application during an upgrade from 4.2.1 to 5.0.1.

    One item I'm currently stuck on is an error in...
  5. I can confirm that we are running into the same problem.
  6. We had a similar problem whilst upgrading from 4.2.1 to 5.0.1, except in our case we were using GUIDs for identifying items on a custom dashboard.
    As you can see, the ExtJS5 regex precludes an...
  7. After renaming a bunch of views and controllers to make uses of the new package groupings in the project inspector panel I had some incorrect entries in bootstrap.js where it was trying to load the...
  8. Not sure if this is your problem or not, but whilst reading another post I saw someone note that their index.html file was now ~16kB because the loader now lives in there. Unfortunately I don't have...
  9. Editing bootstrap.js and changing Ext.grid.column.Check to Ext.grid.column.CheckColumn in Ext.ClassManager.addNameAliasMappings and Ext.ClassManager.addNameAlternateMappings appears to let me open...
  10. 1851, just downloaded from the Sencha site yesterday.

    EXtJS build is:
    Build date: 2013-05-16 14:36:50 (f9be68accb407158ba2b1be2c226a6ce1f649314)
  11. I'm attempting to update a largish project from SA3.0 to SA3.1.

    The upgrade appeared to go smoothly (other than a complaint about app.json not being valid json, despite it being valid as far as I...
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    FWIW, we chose to go with Adobe Edge Animate as we felt that we would outgrow Sencha Animator eventually.
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    We've been using ExtJS since version 2, and are now looking at a project that requires something similar to what Sencha Animator provides, so given our experience, Sencha Animator is an appealing...
  14. Yes, that would be a good option if possible, however it isn't.

    I ended up implementing my own solution which was actually much easier than expected using the FormData object. Luckily we have the...
  15. I have the need to send the content of a HtmlEditor field as a multipart form request, along with some other field parameters. Basically I'm trying to emulate a multipart form that, amongst other...
  16. When editing a function and attempting to add a block comment, after typing in /* jshint goes off and parses the code. It seems to lock up for a while then eventually come back with a warning at the...
  17. Yes, this method is much better. After you pointed it out, I remember coming across it some time back. Not sure why it didn't stick.

    I agree with your suggestion of also including a reference for...
  18. Landoni and vinothsencha, on the columns you should be setting stateId, not id.
    As per the documentation:!/api/Ext.grid.column.Column-cfg-stateId
    The stateId of...
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    Thanks for the response. This lines up with what I found whilst writing my original post :)

    I still maintain that for the uninitiated, having two 'publish path' settings leads to confusion.
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    Is there a clear reference for the building / publishing process for SA?

    When I select 'build web app' from the toolbar, I'd expect SA to build the environment currently selected under build...
  21. One of the frequent tasks when developing a project is adding new controller actions.

    My current process as of SA is:
    1. Select the controller to which the action should be added from...
  22. Excellent, I'd love to see this implemented too!
  23. Our current application being developed in SA3 has required a few custom tool icons.
    These have been added to the theme, however there is no way to select these in SA.

    The 'type' config parameter...
  24. When adding a controller action in SA3, how does one go about adding additional parameters to the event handler definition?

    In this specific case, I'm trying to add the buffer parameter to a...
  25. I'd just like to say that this 'fix' works perfectly for my application where I want to enable / disable some other fields depending on the slider value.
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