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  1. I realized the problem while writing. I try with newest version. Thanks a lot for all
  2. In that machine i develop more than one project. Every project need to have his own sdk. But this is not the problem.

    The app and the sdk are in different folder.

    extTst\ext the sdk
  3. Version of? Ext? 4.2.2

    DIR rights are full

    The exact command is always the same:

    sencha -sdk ext generate app MyApp app
  4. 1.7.0_25
  5. myapp dir isn't created...another time: nothing happen (not something wrong happens but nothing happen)
  6. Obviously i've use the same command with different path...

    i'm on a window machine and both with relative or absolute path nothing happen.
  7. sencha -sdk /var/www/extjs4 generate app MyApp /var/www/myapp

    is exacly the same command i've perform
  8. In the ext folder there is the full extjs 4 framework
  9. the app folder is empty.Anyway removing it don't move the problem
  10. ehm...that's the path to ext.

    this is my folder structure


    and i've run the command into the main folder
  11. I've tried to generate a new app with sencha cmd using

    sencha -sdk ext generate app MyApp app

    but nothing happened.Anyone can help me?
  12. Anyone can help me?
  13. from the documentation:all-classes.js - This file contains all of your application's classes. It is not minified so is very useful for debugging problems with your built application. In our example...
  14. In generated all-classes.js are included only my custom class. But if in my page i don't include ext-all.js nothing works.

    The only difference between all-classes.js and app-all.js is the second...
  15. Hi all,

    i'm using ext-all.js for my application but is quite slow to load.

    Is there a way to use sencha cmd for scanning my application and generate a custom ext-app.js using only the class...
  16. At the end i've resolved using standard javascript. I've make an iframe with a form with stad javascript and i've added it with appendChild to my extjs Window.Thanks for help :).
  17. Using Ext.getCmp('OutputIframe').iframeEl.dom as target does not work. Can u be more specific?Thanks a lot
  18. mmm...'OutputIframe' is the id of my element.With Ext.getCmp('OutputIframe') does not work, as soon as I can I try with Ext.get('OutputIframe').Thanks in any case for your help
  19. Hi all,

    in extjs 3 i have a window containing 2 items:
    - an iframe (Ext.ux.IFrameComponent)
    - a form

    then i want to standardSubmit the form using the Iframe as target..this because the...
  20. This is the fiddle:

    Moving to Ext 3.4 the error will disappear.

  21. See the post below
  22. Actually i'm using 31.0.1650.63 m
  23. Hi everyone,

    Form with fileupload are not able to process a valid json response using the new versione of Google Chrome (31.x) and ExtJs 3.1.x.

    File is successfully transmitted and a valid json...
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