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  1. Next question .... is this the same in ext 1.1?
  2. I've read a few threads regarding a clearable combobox but I'm not sure those are related to my issue as I don't entirely understand what those posts address.

    If I use the Combobox text field...
  3. I've read a few threads regarding a clearable combobox but I'm not sure those are related to my issue as I don't entirely understand what those posts address.

    If I use the Combobox text field...
  4. I have a dynamic content window I call tool tips that I want to replace the contentEl

    so My link looks like

    <a class="tooltip" href="javascript:DisplayToolTip('ClientCodeFinder')">?</a>
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    Okay fixed my own problem ...... used the prototype.js from ext-2.0/adapter/prototype ....placed it before the ext-all-debug.js and removed the prototype.js in the nested master page.
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    I'm opening an ext window.

    My problem comes in that I have lightbox and prototype scripts that are declared in a nested master page AFTER the ext-all-debug.js. If I delete these scripts the window...
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    var cSearch = new Ext.form.ComboBox({
    store: ds,
    typeAhead: false,
    loadingText: 'Searching...',
    width: 185,
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    I still don't understand. How do I close this onSelect?.....
  9. My next question is how would I get this to work with a .NET web service instead of PHP/MySql?
  10. How do you determine what the 'minimum characters' are? The EXTJS 1.1 example uses 4 but you say "2"
    NEVERMIND .... MINCHARS Property
  11. well much as i don't really like it I did it anyway and you're right it works. Thanks! A month from now an error is going to pop up somewhere and ill wonder what on earth happened guaranteed.
  12. isnt this then assuming that every page you use an ext window will have a "form1"?
  13. Okay so I got pulled away for a few days and am now back at this...In the popup window I have an asp:imagebutton that should act command button for a repeater however now that Im in this pop up the...
  14. Works thanks
  15. ok so I got rid of the Ext.OnReady and create the window in DisplayWindow same problem

    my code now looks like:

    function DisplayWindow(elId)
    var win = new Ext.Window({
  16. i declare it just before the DisplayWindow doesn't stay assigned(?)(not sure what the word is) outside of Ext.OnReady?
  17. Its happening on line 2507 of ext-all-debug

    if(v =[camel]){
    return v;

    full code section

  18. I have a .NET repeater that when a user clicks a selection I want a Disclaimer window to pop up that opens a customized extjs window with a couple of asp:buttons one for confirm or deny.

    It seems...
  19. Yeah sorry ..... I used "DSC" instead of "DESC" ...brain dead...."DESC" works much better :)
  20. I've not been able to find a great answer on this...I think the search feature on this forum is a little weak or more likely user error

    I get XML Back and in my data store Im using this:

  21. So I took the custom CSS file I have that happens after ext-all.css. Gave the column an ID so I can get to it from the CSS then did white-space:normal in my custom CSS and we're cool problem solved....
  22. To continue this personal dialog whats causing the ellipsis for those that care is coming from the ext-all.css file

    .x-grid-cell-inner, .x-grid-hd-inner{
  23. I've found that this is actually a different behavior in Firefox and IE.... Firefox wraps the text and alters the row height...IE truncates the length of text based on width of the column both 6 and...
  24. I have a column/field that contains long text. Looking at the paging grid example this should work fine but for some reason it seems as though the height of row refuses to change and rather when the...
  25. Doh!!!!!!! Thanks Sorry. Dumb Question.
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