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  1. Here is a mod to your fiddle that will do what you need:

    Ext.onReady(function() {
    var panel = Ext.create('Ext.form.Panel', {
    title: 'Simple Form with FieldSets',
  2. Same thing happens with hbox layout. To see it, use the same fiddle example and just switch the layout from 'form' to 'hbox'.

    Adding the layout 'align' attribute doesn't have any effect.
  3. When using a row editor and you select on another row's cell below the editor, the focused column cell overlays the editor. Can anything be done about this?

    Here is a fiddle:...
  4. See this thread for an 5.0.1 override:
  5. Have you looked at the listConfig attribute to set your own HTML output for each row in the combobox?

    displayField : 'myField',
    listConfig: {
    getInnerTpl : function(){
  6. I think the fix in 5.0.2 goes beyond this method. Nothing in the above is really all that different than the 5.0.1 version.

    Here is an override I got to work in 5.0.1:

    /** *...
  7. Here is an updated version of the NumericField that is supported in ExtJS 5.0.1, along with various mods discussed in this thread and the 'Community Discussion'...
  8. Just in case someone needs this, here is an updated version of the NumericField that is supported in ExtJS 5.0.1, along with various mods discussed in this thread and the 'User Extension'...
  9. May be a moot point now, but to not show the grid, add this to its config:

    hidden : true

    Then before your store.load() call, make it visible:

  10. Cool. Just a side note on the example you posted: There is a way to add a 'single use' listener so you wouldn't have to call clearListeners() all the time:

    Proxy = Mystore.getProxy();...
  11. I assume you're using/setting a timeout on your AjaxProxy:!/api/

    You're probably looking for something like this. Somehow...
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    Have you thought about just keeping the weeks rows unchanged and just scroll within the days blocks?

    Something like:
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    If you trying to keep them the same size as the ones next to them, try this:

    layout : {
    type : 'hbox',
    align : 'stretchmax'

    the align config can be used with vbox also.
  14. Ok. I guess if data is coming in without an id you could use this on your Models to control the generation of the id:!/api/
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    You didn't specify context. That won't work that way.
    You could use a singleton to store your ref. something like:
    --First remove the 'singleton' and 'renderTo' attributes from your container.
  16. For ext to manage the models, they must have a unique identifier. If one is not supplied ext will generate an internal id. Some change in ext 5 (or some version after 4.1.1) applied the generated...
  17. This is what I do in my project without problems:

    var store = treePanel.getStore();
    scope : this,
    callback: function(records, operation, successful) {
    // Expand...
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    Have you tried setting up the class as a singleton and reference it directly with the class name?!/api/Ext.Class-cfg-singleton
  19. I ran into this with an upgrade to 5 where my server was not expecting characters in the id attribute.
    I needed to set this on my proxy's writer:...
  20. Have you tried adding:

    queryMode : 'local'


    queryCaching : false
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    You could try this:

    displayField : 'code',
    listConfig: {
    getInnerTpl : function(){
    return '{code}-{text}';
  22. A workaround: wrap display field in a field container:
    For fiddle:

    items: [{
    xtype : 'fieldcontainer',
    height: 50,
    margin: "1 5 5...
  23. you could try:

    var record = grid.getSelctionModel().getSelection()[0];
    var rowIndex = grid.getStore().indexOf(record);
  24. With ext 5.0.1, accessibility was completely overhauled. Keyboard Nav and Focus are now on by default.

    Here is an example I...
  25. This might be what you are looking for:!/guide/accessibility

    Hope this helps.
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