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  1. I solved this in that way:

    Ext.apply(Ext.util.Format, {
    stripStylesRe: /(?:<style.*?>)((\n|\r|.)*?)(?:<\/style>)/ig,

    stripStyles: function(v){
    return !v ? v :...
  2. Thank you varsos, but I don't no, wether this last call is processed by my store or by my tree panel or another component of my application.

    For me there seems to be no information which ajax...
  3. Hi at all,

    I'm using ExtJs and RubyOnRails. In development mode There's running one server instance only, and it can handle one request at a time.

    Well, I use with...
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    tbar: [{
    // (button) element at the left side
    // (button) element at the right side
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    Ich deal with this problem for some days. Now I have the solution.

    The grid panel component is from a workmate and I did not realize that in the grid panels store there are two fields: name and...
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    my problem seems to be similar to this of Jozic.

    I modify the record data of a grid panel row. After this I call myGridPanel.getView().refresh().
    Please have a look to my attachment....
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